"Weekly challenge missions are available! Take them on at the lowest level possible!"
— RE.NET description

Level-Restricted Challenge No. 6 was an online event for Resident Evil Revelations 2. It ran from 12–28 May 2015.


Action Icon Reward
Character Lv.: 70 or less 26px Burst+ 2 (Lv.1)
Character Lv.: 60 or less Merciless icon Merciless (Lv.4)
Character Lv.: 55 or less Quick Load icon Quick Load (Lv.12)
Rank 1000 or better Electric Ammo icon Electric Ammo (Lv.7)
Rank 100 or better Extended Burn icon Extended Burn (Lv.8)
Rank 20 or better (Co-Op) Critical Hit icon Critical Hit (Lv.8)
Rank 10 or better (Single) Critical Hit icon Critical Hit (Lv.8)


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