The Library room (図書室 Tosho-shitsu?) is an area of the library on Sheena Island.[1]


The library room is composed of multiple rows of book shelves, a computer can be located on the top right side of the room. Books have been scattered around the place.


Upon entering the room, a scene will play while still in first person where the player hears the door lock behind him and the old man laughs and says you, Vincent, deserves to die.

One Hunter will walk around the area. The player must kill it before being able to exit. Hand Gun D is also in this room.


Location Localization Original script
The door while the player is trapped (locked SFX) It's locked.
The lower alcove shelves Various books on Umbrella are lined up here.
The south wall shelves Most of the books here are on chemicals.
The upper alcove shelves Various books on biohazards are lined up here.




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