Further notes

Resident Evil 2Edit

Resident Evil 2 - Licker HP pie chart

The chances of a Licker having a particular constitution in BIOHAZARD 2.

Standard Lickers in BIOHAZARD 2 have a hitpoint range of 75-115, with Evolved Lickers being at 90-130.[1] This is in comparison with Leon and Claire's values of 200.[2]

Movesets Edit

The following stats are derived from the BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide Book, which describes the original PlayStation version.[1]

Attack Damage Description
Claw (ツメ tsume?) 15
Tongue ( shita?) 25
Jump claw (跳びツメ tobi tsume?)

Strategies Edit

Lickers are blind creatures that cant see the player. As long as player doesn't make any noise (by running or firing weapons) or doesn't touch the Licker, the creature wont attack them. Although not always recommended, a tactic to avoid Lickers is to walk near the creature as close as possible then try to run past the creature. If its not possible to avoid them,recommended weapons to kill the Lickers are grenade launcher loaded with grenade rounds or acid rounds (flame rounds wont knock them), shotgun or magnum (if Leon is low on shotgun shells, make sure to aim downward and only recommended for normal ones since it can instantly kill them). When using the non upgraded shotgun, make sure to get close as much as possible and aim downward otherwise the weapon may not knock down the Licker.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

In Darkside Chronicles, Leon and Claire first encounter Lickers during Chapter 2 of the Memories of a Lost City scenario. Lickers tend to climb on the walls or the ceiling during these encounters. When near the player, they can either attack by swiping sideways, or lashing out their tongue. A Licker's weak point is its exposed head which causes it to stagger.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsEdit

Lickers (technically Licker Beta) appear in the Tricell Laboratory stage in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.[3] They are contained in glass cages similar to the ones in Resident Evil 5. The glass will crack and eventually shatter if powerful moves are unleashed, causing the Lickers to escape and begin running around the area. Some will attempt to lash the fighters with their tongues. An interesting attention to detail is shown if more Hyper Combos are used; the Lickers will die, dissolve (like dying enemies in RE4 and RE5), and will spawn items such as in the games. The items that appear include Green Herbs, First Aid Sprays, Grenades, Rifle Ammo, and more.



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