Further notes

Like the standard Licker, the Beta variation was blind, yet still possessed an increase in hearing sensitivity, allowing it to trace loud sounds to their source almost instantly. Like their naturally-occurring forerunners, βs would travel in groups, therefore it would quickly become dangerous when a sound alerts many at one time.

Injection of Progenitor led to the creature gaining the ability to reproduce at a fast rate.[1] This fertility rendered it more of an actual animal.

One major difference from the original is the creature's vastly increased muscular mass, as well as an improved sense of smell. One new weakness exhibited by the Licker β was an exposed heart located in the center of its chest. A simple knife can end a Beta's life with a single stab to this organ.


  1. Capcom. Resident Evil 5. (Capcom). File: Tricell Researcher Miguel's Journal - No. 1.

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