"An oil lighter"
— Item examination

Lighter is an item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


It is obtained after mixing the Lighter Oil with the Empty Lighter, then it's used to burn the rope on the gate near blue barricade with zombies.


The Lighter can be used twice. First time, it can be used at the Residential area alley for making access to the back alley. And the second - is at the Cemetery cabin for burning the firewood for further accessing the operations room. After second use, it can be discarded.

Rope door location

Bound door

At the barricade alley in the Uptown, there is the door, bound with a rope, that reads next message: "It's been bound tight with rope and won't open. The rope seems to be soaked with oil". After using the lighter, the rope will burn and the access further will be granted.
Fireplace location


The second time, where the lighter can be used is at the cabin near the cemetery. There is a fireplace inside the cabin, which reads: "There's firewood which could catch on fire. Wind is blowing in from the back of the fireplace." After burning the firewood, the brick wall can be broken by the Iron Pipe.