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"Mo... ther... "
— Lisa Trevor, before throwing herself down a chasm after seeing her mother's corpse.

Lisa Trevor was a human test subject at the age of fourteen who was forced to undergo a plethora of heinous and illegal biological experiments conducted by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation. The side-effects of the experiments mutated Lisa into a monstrous abomination.



Lisa was born to George and Jessica Trevor around the year 1953. Several years after her birth, Oswell E. Spencer hired George to design a special mansion complex for him high up in the secluded Arklay Mountains, which would also host a secret underground laboratory. Spencer, paranoid that George would someday leak the mansion's secrets to the public, began plotting a suitable fate for him and his family.

Inviting the Trevors to the mansion, George was expectantly forced to arrive several days after his wife and daughter's arrival. During this time, Lisa and Jessica were apprehended by Spencer's men and dragged to the Laboratory underground, where they were to be experimented on as human test subjects for the Progenitor virus.

When George finally arrived, he was informed by Spencer that the two had left earlier to attend to an unwell relative. After finding the right opportunity, Spencer ensured George was also apprehended, though he managed to escape. Though he would never find his family, he soon realized that they were still in the estate somewhere.

On November 10, 1967; some time before George's death from starvation, Lisa was administered the "type-B" variation of the Progenitor virus, while her mother was administered with "type-A".[2] Lisa's body didn't immediately begin to exhibit signs of mutation and her body had absorbed the virus.[2] Over a period of time, under observation, both Lisa's mental and physical state were grotesquely altered.

Jessica made preparations to escape and sent a letter to Lisa informing her of it. The two were to pretend to be unconscious from the drugs while their water was changed. Jessica knew that this would be the right moment to run out of the door. However, the letter would never get to her in time.

Umbrella killed Jessica shortly after she was given the virus because she displayed no reaction to the treatment.[2] In order to pacify Lisa, who had been separated from her mother during their imprisonment, Umbrella sent in staffers who had been disguised as Lisa's parents to provide her with a sense of security. However, Lisa was able to recognize them as impostors and violently killed them.[2] Umbrella made repeated attempts to subdue Lisa, but all attempts failed when she ripped off their faces and attached them to her own body for safe-keeping.[2] The increasingly mentally unstable and lonely Lisa grew obsessed with finding her true mother so that she could "give her back her face".[2] Lisa was able to find the secret tomb of her mother, built under the Spencer Mansion. While she was able to recognize the scent of her mother, she was unable to open the stone coffin and "reunite" with her.

Adult lifeEdit

Even after her mother's death, Lisa continued to serve as a test subject for even more biological experiments. Unlike her fellow, more fortunate test subjects, Lisa was able to survive all of their tests, regardless of the potency of the implanted virus or parasite. This uncanny immunity earned the attention of Umbrella Corporation researchers, Albert Wesker and Dr. William Birkin, who injected their formidable guinea pig with a specimen of the NE-α Type. To their astonishment, Lisa not only overcame the specimen, but also managed to absorb it and adapt its powers into her system. Ultimately, this was a major breakthrough for the Umbrella Corporation, that would later go on to play a pivotal role in the engineering of the G-virus.

After the G-virus was extracted from Lisa, the Umbrella Corporation lost interest in her. As time passed, Lisa's mutations and loneliness led her to become increasingly violent. On one occasion, she brutally assaulted and killed three lab researchers.[3] As Lisa was now seen as a vestigial threat, Umbrella Corporation officials called for Lisa's destruction. Sometime in 1995, Lisa was supposedly slain in an undisclosed area of Spencer's estate. However, little did the Umbrella Corporation realize, the myriad of experiments conducted on Lisa had left her impervious to almost all forms of physical battery, rendering her immune to all gunfire, to the extent an anti-tank missile had little to no effect on her aside from swatting her against a wall. Even with her death "confirmed" after three days of monitoring her vital signs, she was able to regain her life some time after being dumped in an unknown location.[3] Lisa would go on lurking through the catacombs of Spencer's estate, secretly taking residency under a neglected, dilapidated cabin in the Courtyard.

During the 1998 "Mansion Incident", various members of Raccoon City's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) encountered Lisa while seeking refuge in the estate. Wesker proceeded to send a message via his radio about her location in the woods near the mansion, something Chris picked up via Richard Aiken's radio. After Jill Valentine solved the puzzle of Trevor's crypt, Jessica Trevor's skeleton was finally exposed. Lisa suddenly became emotionally crazed. After a bizarre display of closure, Lisa jumped into the abyss surrounding the altar though Barry Burton doubted that the fall killed her.

Shortly after his resuscitation, Albert Wesker met Lisa in the Laboratory, next to an elevator. However, due to her regenerative abilities, she managed to awaken shortly after the elevator went up with Wesker in it. Later, at the Main Hall, Wesker met her again. Knowing he had mere minutes left to evacuate before the Mansion's auto-destruct sequence finished its countdown, he counted a fight with Lisa as a "non-priority", and so looked for another way out. After failing to escape her, he resorted to fighting her, knocking her out again, and abandoned her. She then managed to find him by heading to the Main Hall. After the final battle, she was crushed by a chandelier while Wesker escaped, and was killed for good when the mansion exploded due to the self-destruct sequence set off by Rebecca Chambers.[1]

Appearance Edit

Lisa back

The eyeball on her back

Lisa face

Lisa and her exposed skull

As aforementioned, Lisa's mutations have hideously deformed her physical build. Lisa's hideous face is partially masked by collections of flesh from her victims. During some cutscenes, one may be able to notice one of Lisa's uncanny eyes through a small hole in her mask. In Rebirth 2 and Resident Evil Remastered version, it is possible to see her teeth.[4] Her oversized arms and hunchback give her an orangutan-like appearance. She is draped in a tattered hospital gown with her hands held together by a pair of wooden manacles lined with iron, which acts as a deterrent to Lisa's attacks. There is also an eyeball-like tumor visible on her back, a typical sign of the G-virus. Lisa can therefore deal considerable amounts of damage to her victims, and should not be confronted directly, as no weapon can truly stop her (though, if the player needs to get away and Lisa's in the way, a high powered weapon, such as a Magnum, will slow her down briefly, knocking her backwards allowing for escape. It should be noted though that she recovers quite quickly and the player should waste no time in retreating once she's knocked backwards). Numerous tentacles will emerge from her body and undulate violently when she is attacked, a sign of the NE-α Type used to create the Nemesis-T Type.

While in various parts of the mansion, one may hear the harrowing wails and cries of Lisa. This characteristic suggests that Lisa is incapable of using a higher level of thought and therefore conforms to a more animalistic nature. However, it should be noted that Lisa was able to start a fire in order to warm herself, as well as write a few crude entries in her journal. She also is able to croak "Mo...ther..." upon finding her mother's skull.


Lisa was administered the "type-B" variation of the Progenitor virus. After that she served as a test subject for even more biological experiments. Lisa was able to survive all of their tests, regardless of the potency of the implanted virus or parasite. She was injected a specimen of the NE-α Type in which, to the Umbrella researchers' surprise, Lisa not only overcame the specimen, but also managed to absorb it and adapt its powers into her system.

Lisa's main attacks include hurling herself towards her enemy and hitting them with her chain and shackles. However, Lisa's true power is near-immortality; she is able to take far more damage than any non-mutant human being and recover from it. Rumors among the researchers claim that she actually became fully immortal from experiments and even Albert Wesker doubted if it really was worthwhile fighting her. Despite her resilience, however, she was defeated by Wesker and died when Spencer's Mansion was destroyed.


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