Below is a list of Zombie Cs subtypes encountered in Resident Evil 6.

List Edit

Unequipped Zombie Edit

Unequipped Zombie (装備なし・ゾンビ sōbi nashi zonbi?)

Handgun Zombie Edit

Handgun Zombie (ハンドガン・ゾンビ handogan zonbi?) is armed with a handgun.

Assault Rifle Zombie Edit

Assault Rifle Zombie (アサルトライフル・ゾンビ asarutoraifuru zonbi?) is armed with an assault rifle.

Knife Zombie Edit

Knife Zombie (ナイフ・ゾンビ naifu zonbi?) is armed with a knife.

Bat Zombie Edit

Bat Zombie (バット・ゾンビ batto zonbi?) is armed with a bat.

Squared Timber Zombie Edit

Squared Timber Zombie (角材・ゾンビ kakuzai zonbi?)

Hatchet Zombie Edit

Hatchet Zombie (手斧・ゾンビ chouna zonbi?) is armed with a hatchet.

Pipe Zombie Edit

Pipe Zombie (パイプ・ゾンビ paipu zonbi?) is armed with a pipe.

Fire Extinguisher Zombie Edit

Fire Extinguisher Zombie (消火器・ゾンビ shōkaki zonbi?) is armed with a fire extinguisher.

Golf Club Zombie Edit

Golf Club Zombie (ゴルフクラブ・ゾンビ gorufukurabu zonbi?) is armed with a golf club.

Construction Hammer Zombie Edit

Construction Hammer Zombie (工事ハンマー・ゾンビ kōji hanmā zonbi?) is armed with a hammer.

Bottle Zombie Edit

Bottle Zombie (瓶・ゾンビ bin zonbi?)

Shovel Zombie Edit

Shovel Zombie (スコップ・ゾンビ sukoppu zonbi?) is armed with a shovel.

Chinese Cleaver Zombie Edit

Chinese Cleaver Zombie (中華包丁・ゾンビ chūkabōchō zonbi?) is armed with a cleaver.

Crank Zombie Edit

Crank Zombie (クランク・ゾンビ kuranku zonbi?)

Lantern Zombie Edit

Lantern Zombie (ランタン・ゾンビ rantan zonbi?)

Burning Timber Zombie Edit

Burning Timber Zombie (燃える角材・ゾンビ moeru kakuzai zonbi?)

Chest Light Zombie Edit

Chest Light Zombie (胸ライト・ゾンビ mune raito zonbi?)

Machete Zombie Edit

Machete Zombie (ナタ・ゾンビ nata zonbi?) is armed with a machete.

Dynamite Zombie Edit

Dynamite Zombie (ダイナマイト・ゾンビ dainamaito zonbi?) is armed with dynamite.

Helmet Zombie Edit

Helmet Zombie (ヘルメット・ゾンビ herumetto zonbi?)

Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder Zombie Edit

Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder Zombie (液体窒素ボンベ・ゾンビ ekitai chisso bonbe zonbi?) is armed with a cylinder of liquid nitrogen.

Old Axe Zombie Edit

Old Axe Zombie (古びた斧・ゾンビ furubita ono zonbi?) is armed with a worn-out axe.

Hat Zombie Edit

Hat Zombie (帽子・ゾンビ bōshi zonbi?) wears a yellow construction hat.

Stone Statue Zombie Edit

Stone Statue Zombie (石像・ゾンビ sekizō zonbi?) is armed with a block of stone.

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