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Below is a complete list of awards that are earned for playing Resident Evil 4 (PS3/Xbox 360/PC 'UHD'/PS4/Xbox One).


Name Image Description Gamerscore Trophy How to unlock
It Begins With a Ring Award - It Begins With a Ring Ring the mysterious bell. What happens after that, is up to you. 50G Bronze 64 Hold out in the village until the bell rings in Chapter 1-1.
Do Not Shoot the Water! Award - Do Not Shoot the Water! Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat. 50G Bronze 64 Provoke Del Lago by shooting the water from the pier.
A Rock and a Hard Place Award - A Rock and a Hard Place Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante. 50G Bronze 64 Defeat El Gigante in Chapter 2-1.
Secure the Ballistics Award - Secure the Ballistics Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley. Afterwards, the real fun begins. 50G Bronze 64 Rescue Ashley Graham to conclude Chapter 2-1.
A Bloodline Severed Award - A Bloodline Severed Defeat the village chief in battle. 50G Bronze 64 Defeat Bitores Mendez in Chapter 2-3.
A Terrifying Assassin Award - A Terrifying Assassin Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar. 150G Silver 64 Defeat Verdugo in Chapter 4-1.
The Castellan Falls Award - The Castellan Falls Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle. 50G Bronze 64 Defeat Ramon Salazar in Chapter 4-3.
The Ties That Bind Award - The Ties That Bind Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle. 50G Bronze 64 Defeat Jack Krauser in the ruins in Chapter 5-4.
We're Going Home Award - We're Going Home Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare. 100G Bronze 64 Defeat Osmund Saddler in Chapter 5-4.
A Heart of Steel Award - A Heart of Steel Clear the game on the highest difficulty. 150G Gold 64 Finish the game on Professional difficulty
What Are They Worth? Award - What Are They Worth Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game. 150G Silver 64 Collect all bottlecaps from the Shooting Range minigame.
The S Stands for Stylish!! Award - The S Stands for Stylish!! Acquire all of the costumes in the game. 100G Bronze 64 Unlock all extra costumes.

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