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Below is a complete list of awards that are earned for playing Resident Evil CODE:Veronica HD.


Name Image Award description Gamerscore Trophy How to unlock
The Terror Begins Award - The Terror Begins Escape from the graveyard of terror. 50G Bronze 64 Exit the graveyard at the start of the game.
A Changed Father Award - A Changed Father Liberate the changed man. 50G Bronze 64 Witness Steve's encounter with his father.
Beyond the Shades Award - Beyond the Shades Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain. 50G Bronze 64 Encounter Wesker at the official residence.
The Fallen Tyrant Award - The Fallen Tyrant Flatten an unstoppable enemy. 100G Bronze 64 Defeat the Tyrant on the plane.
The Prisoner Who Lost Everything Award - The Prisoner Who Lost Everything Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering. 100G Bronze 64 Defeat "Nosferatu".
To The Frozen Land Award - To The Frozen Land Begin the search for your sister. 50G Bronze 64 Reach the plane in Chris' story.
The Green Giant Award - The Green Giant Say farewell to your fallen comrade. 50G Bronze 64 Escape from "Monster Steve" and go through the cutscene.
The Arrogant Queen Award - The Arrogant Queen Put an end to the Queen's reign. 150G Silver 64 Defeat Alexia Ashford.
Duty and Humanity Award - Duty and Humanity Deliver some medicine to a man in need. 50G Bronze 64 Give Rodrigo the Hemostatic and lighter in exchange for a lockpick.
Weapon Crazy Award - Weapon Crazy Get the Rocket Launcher. 150G Gold 64 Unlock the Rocket Launcher from the Battle Game.
Battle Master Award - Battle Master Get the Linear Launcher from the Battle Game. 150G Silver 64 Unlock the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.
From the Young Lady Award - From The Young Lady Receive encouragement from a young lady. 50G Bronze 64 After taking control of Steve, go back to talk to Claire.

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