Credits eggEdit

This easter egg (of sorts) is shown between the ending credits of Resident Evil 4 and the Hunnigan transmission epilogue. It reads:

The characters and events depicted in this game
are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This game is protected under the laws of
the Raccoon Police Department.
Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition
may result in civil liability
and criminal prosecution by an appropriate
S.T.A.R.S. member, and then some

Gangster poseEdit

When reloading the Chicago Typewriter whiled in the Gangster costume, Leon will perform a special animation. If the player performs a few more reloads in quick succession, Leon will perform a different animation of him tossing and catching his hat.

Throne RoomEdit

Resident Evil 4 - Saddlers Throne Room Easter Egg00:32

Resident Evil 4 - Saddlers Throne Room Easter Egg

If you walk up to Saddler's throne, it has a " ? ". If you click on it Leon will take a seat in the chair and rest his head upon his knuckles with his legs crossed for a few seconds.

Dirty Harry Edit

The description of the Broken Butterfly is "A very powerful .45 magnum revolver. This will make anyone's day." is a direct reference to the famous Line from the Dirty Harry .


Killer 7 Edit

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