This article is devoted to errors created in the translation of Biohazard Archives into English.

Section 2: StoryEdit

  • It is said "large scorpion-like monsters broke through the ceiling" of the Ecliptic Express, even though there was only one Stinger.[1]
  • Edward Ashford is referred to as "Edward Ashcroft".[2] (Fixed in the updated version bundled with Archives II)
  • The Biohazard alert says "Warning: a Resident Evil has been detected on this train..."[3] (Fixed in the updated version bundled with Archives II)

Section 3: CharactersEdit

Section 4: CreaturesEdit

  • Steve Burnside's father is said to have been infected by the T-Veronica virus.[4]
  • The Hunter II is referred to as Hunter Π at the top of the page.[5]
  • The Crows appearing in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis are listed as "RE0" - Resident Evil Zero.[6]
  • The Adder profile does not end on a finished sentence.[7] (Fixed in the updated release bundled with Archives II)

Section 5: ItemsEdit

The Gold Ring is listed as an item in Resident Evil 2 when it in fact only appears in Resident Evil Zero.[8]

Section 6: ArtEdit

All odd-numbered pages are marked as being Resident Evil Zero artwork. (Fixed in the updated release bundled with Archives II)

Section 7: KeywordsEdit

The Arklay Laboratory's architect, George Trevor, is misidentified as "Trevor Jones".[9]

The Umbrella Security Service (USS) is referred to as Umbrella Special Forces.[10]

Section 8: File transcriptsEdit

Charles Coleman's role within Umbrella is mistranslated as "security chief", rather than "secretary chief".


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