A short list naming the non-usable weapons in RE4 an 5



Appearing in Resident Evil 4, this is a simple wood-cutting axe used as a weapon by some Ganados in the village. Generally used by male villagers, it deals moderate damage and can be thrown great distances with surprising accuracy. It is possible, however, to shoot the axe out of the air to avoid damage. Strangely, when a Ganado throws their axe at Leon, they immediately pull another out from behind their back.



Backshot of Don Diego, brandishing a pitchfork.

Another improvised weapon debuting in Resident Evil 4, the pitchfork is commonly seen among Village Ganados the pitchfork is a weapon capable of inflicting minor damage. Appears in Resident Evil 4, 5, and the Mercenaries 3D. Villagers attempt to either charge or thrust the pitchfork into the player, taking 2-3 bars of health in professonial mode.

The pitchfork returns in Resident Evil 5 and The Mercenaries 3D, mainly being wielded by Town Majini. Its use is largely unchanged from its appearance in RE4; pitchfork-armed Majini, will attempt to bludgeon the player, impale their head, or simply thrust their weapon into their stomach.



A Cultist wielding a scythe

Making its debut in Resident Evil 4, the scythe is another weaponized farming implement, commonly used as a weapon by low-ranking Zealots. They may attack with wide slashes or by throwing their scythe - if the latter occurs, the scythe can be dodged or shot out of the air. Unlike axe-wielding Ganados, a Cultist who throws his scythe will continue his assault against Leon with his bare hands instead of producing another weapon from behind his back.

In The Mercenaries 3D, HUNK's Grim Reaper-inspired alternate costume includes a scythe, which is an obvious reference to his alias as "Mr. Death". The scythe cannot be used as a weapon, and only acts as an aesthetic detail.


Another weaponized tool that appeared in Resident Evil 4, commonly wielded by Village Ganados. It later appears in Resident Evil 5 and The Mercenaries 3D, usually in the hands of Town Majini. In either case, shovel-wielding enemies will mainly use their weapons as a makeshift polearm, thrusting the heads into the player for minor damage. However, they can also charge the player and attempt to perform a stronger swing or slam the shovel upon the player's head, both of which inflict moderate damage.


Torch-wielding Villagers

Torches in the hands of Villagers.

The torch is a weapon wielded by the Villagers, Zealots, and Majini. It appears in Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and The Mercenaries 3D.

Resident Evil 4Edit

Villagers wielding torches will attempt to blow fire at the player. This attack will take three or four bars of health in Professional Mode. A single shot to a villager preparing this attack will engulf them in flames, usually killing them. If the Ganado is not about to blow fire on Leon, it will have the same reaction as any other Ganado when attacked.

Resident Evil 5Edit

While only seen in the later chapters of Resident Evil 5, simple Town Majini can be found wielding the torch. A useful tactic is to lure the arsonist closer to other Majini and shoot him, engulfing several in flames.