Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Lloyd Stewart was an employee of the Raccoon Zoo.


During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, like Patrick Reyes, Lloyd was injured (though only minorly because he was able to stand unlike Patrick who ran off to the Elephant stage mortally wounded.) by the infected animals roaming the area, and chose to wait for rescue inside the zoo.

Lloyd was a zookeeper at Raccoon Zoo. The player can talk to him in the Zoo's Inner office. He will be surprised that there are survivors in the zoo due to the infected animals running through it causing chaos. However, on Hard Mode or higher, if the player talks to Austin Taylor first, Lloyd will be glad Austin is okay as it means he has a chance to survive.

As reward for informing him, he will give the player a First Aid Spray for their troubles. It is unknown if he made it out of the Zoo or Raccoon City alive beyond this point, though if he was only minorly injured, he might have escaped the Zoo at least with Austin. Beyond this though, it is unknown what became of him.


Lloyd is an unlockable playable character after beating the "wild things" Scenario on any difficulty in a two character set with Patrick and they cost 3000 points in the collection menu.

Lloyd is a David-type character. Being such, he has access to David King's tool kit and abilities. This means he is able to fire handguns and magnums with one hand and has a knife combo. It also means he can make combo weapons for himself and his partners.

He starts with a mixed Green and Blue herb as his extra item.