"A tool for unlocking most simple locks."
— Resident Evil (2002) description.

The lock pick is a lock-opening device that appears throughout the Resident Evil series. The lock pick is designed to be able to penetrate old and simple locks. Typically, one of the main characters in the Resident Evil games will start off with a lock pick. It can be used to gain access to certain doors with simple lock mechanisms, in contrast to other characters that may have to use other means to enter these areas. It can also be used to open drawers and lockers for additional health items and ammunition.

The lock pick originally debuted in the original Resident Evil game. Barry Burton will give the lock pick to Jill Valentine after searching the main hall of the Spencer Mansion looking for Wesker. With the lock pick, Jill is able to enter several doors of the mansion without the use of any simple keys, as opposed to Chris Redfield, who has to find and use the Old Keys in place of the lock pick. The lock pick will also appear as a personal item for Jill, and will not take up one of her main inventory slots. The lock pick also returns in the remake version of Resident Evil, but this time around it will unlock a different set of doors.

Resident Evil 2Edit

" A lockpick. I can unlock the simple locks with this."
— Item examination

The lock pick returns to reprise its role in Resident Evil 2. In this game, Claire Redfield starts off with a lock pick as her personal item. She can use the lock pick to unlock certain desks in the Raccoon City police station to gain additional ammunition and health items. Leon Kennedy on the other hand must find Small Keys to open these drawers up. Later in the game, the lock pick will be replaced with the G-Virus vaccine and will have no use for Claire any more.

Resident Evil 3: NemesisEdit


I can unlock
the simple locks
with this."

— Item examination

Lockpick location

Lockpick location

In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis this item can be found in the S.T.A.R.S. office. It is noticeable, that this lockipck can be seen at Jill's desk. This is necessary item in the game for opening the simple locks. There four locations in the game, where it can be used.

Locked locker

The first is the simply locked cabinet in the Evidence Room in the R.P.D. After the locked is opened, the single jar of Gun Powder B can be obtained.

After the second use of lockpick, Jill makes her way to the Downtown. There is simply locked door, that located on the Cross of the Fisson Street and Ennerdale Street and must be opened by the lockpick.

The third simple lock is the safe in the restaurant. After opening it, Jill will obtain the Fire Hook and can get to the Restaurant basement after that.

The fourth use of lockpick makes the entrance to the Raccoon Park possible. There is a simply locked door on the Park street. Entering this Patrol room, Jill can obtain the Main Gate Key for entering the Park.

The locked doors and the locker read the message "It's locked with a simple lock.". When unlocking the locker in the evidence room and the safe in the restaurant, Jill will be asked if she wants to use lockpick, but the simply locked doors in the game will automatically opened with message "You've used the Lockpick."

Even after all possible uses of the lockpick, this item cannot be discarded by the system message.


The Picking Tool is Alyssa Ashcroft's personal item in the Resident Evil Outbreak games. In these games, Alyssa comes with a set of four different lock picks that she can use to unlock certain areas that other characters might not be able to. This includes drawers, cabinets, and lockers, and it allows her to gain additional health items and ammunition that otherwise may be off-limit to other characters. She can also use it to unlock different doors. However, when using the lock pick, Alyssa must pick the correct lock pick in order to quickly open the lock mechanism she is picking (Some types of lock pick will require less button push than the other).