"A tool for unlocking most simple locks."
— Resident Evil (2002) description.

The lock pick is a lock-opening device that appears throughout the Resident Evil series. The lock pick is designed to be able to penetrate old and simple locks. Typically, one of the main characters in the Resident Evil games will start off with a lock pick. It can be used to gain access to certain doors with simple lock mechanisms, in contrast to other characters that may have to use other means to enter these areas. It can also be used to open drawers and lockers for additional health items and ammunition.

The lock pick originally debuted in the original Resident Evil game. Barry Burton will give the lock pick to Jill Valentine after searching the main hall of the Spencer Mansion looking for Wesker. With the lock pick, Jill is able to enter several doors of the mansion without the use of any simple keys, as opposed to Chris Redfield, who has to find and use the Old Keys in place of the lock pick. The lock pick will also appear as a personal item for Jill, and will not take up one of her main inventory slots. The lock pick also returns in the remake version of Resident Evil, but this time around it will unlock a different set of doors.