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"Zoe's a stupid bitch! She doesn't understand that I don't wanna go back to how things were before my father found y'all."


Lucas during the events of Daughters

Lucas Baker was a resident of the Baker ranch, located in Dulvey, Louisiana. He was the son of Jack and Marguerite Baker, the older brother of Zoe Baker, and the nephew of Joe Baker.


Pre-infection Edit

Lucas was apparently a "bad seed", but despite his unruly ways, he was a gifted inventor and won several awards for his work which he displayed in his room. He also mentioned having gotten a jigsaw puzzle from his mom as a reward for going to the hospital for a head scan.

It can be presumed that he was already mentally unstable.[3] He also chronicled the time when he trapped one of his childhood bullies, Oliver, in the attic and sealed it with a remote, leaving him to die of thirst and starvation. He then fused the remote with one of his trophies, disguising it as a lamp to prevent Zoe from getting into the attic.

By 2014, he and his sister were still living at their parents' house. After a storm hit the surrounding area, Lucas went outside and found a shipwrecked tanker. Telling his father about it, they went to investigate, but found only one survivor; Mia Winters. Lucas then brought Mia in.


Jack eventually returned with a girl named Eveline, as Lucas watched. He was irritated that Marguerite let Eveline have his old bedroom, although he nonetheless consented. After Eveline had woken up, Lucas wound up unconscious, and eventually was dragged by Jack to "meet Eveline" where she gave him her "gift", with him telling his father to not do it in sheer terror.

Meeting Eveline & the Connections Edit

Eveline, who had the ability to produce a mold substance and control people she came into physical contact with, managed to take control of the Baker family, Lucas included, grooming them and Mia to become her ideal family. Along with his father and mother, Lucas gained regenerative abilities, even being able to grow back his hand after Jack cut it off. However, Lucas was met by agents working for The Connections, who provided him with a serum that stopped Eveline from controlling him. In exchange, Lucas spied on his family for them. During his time of possession, Lucas also began building elaborate puzzles within the family's old barn, some of which were certain to cause the death of the victim, even when solved. He was also given the role of lead researcher, much to of the dismay of another researcher, who had a degree in microbiology from Stanford University. According to the researcher's note, he would commonly make test subjects fight each other and perform pointless autopsies. He eventually betrayed all researchers of the Connections and murdered them by locking them inside a room where they would be killed by Molded, in order to take Eveline's Mold for himself.

After the Sewer Gators arrived in the Dulvey Haunted House and were confronted by Jack Baker, Lucas took Clancy Jarvis, the sole survivor, and forced him and Hoffman, another survivor, to play 21, a card game of Lucas’s design where the loser would suffer painful consequences. Clancy soon proved himself to be the better card player between himself and Hoffman, leading the the latter’s eventful death. Lucas later put him into the "Party Room" within the re-purposed barn. After removing his bindings, he taunted Clancy into solving the puzzle,putting a candle on a cake, promising him freedom if he did. However, unknown to Clancy, Lucas had rigged the puzzle to require a winder, which would spill oil onto the floor. Completing the puzzle, the cake exploded and set fire to the room. Unable to extinguish the flames or escape, Clancy died as a result. Shortly after the flames died out, Lucas came into the room to retrieve the camera, taunting Clancy, even after his death.

Conflict with Ethan Edit

Baker family

Lucas with his family, Eveline and Ethan Winters at dinner.

When Ethan Winters, Mia's husband, was captured by his father, Lucas attended "dinner" with his family to welcome him to their group, continually throwing food at him whilst he was unconscious. Eventually, Lucas threw his dinner plate at him, to which Jack responded by slicing off Lucas' hand, causing the latter to shout "not again!", signifying that this wasn't the first time it had happened.[4] When a police officer arrived and knocked at the door, Lucas and Jack disappeared, possibly to either hide from or murder him.

Whilst Ethan was investigating the old family house, he found Mia in the basement. However, before he could find a way to her, Lucas appeared behind her and took her hostage. During Ethan's investigation of the old house and fight with Marguerite, Lucas placed key cards around the family's house and the key to access these rooms within the neck of the now deceased deputy. He later captured Zoe in the family trailer as she retrieved an ingredient to a cure for Eveline's mold, leaving the severed molded head of the officer in the fridge with a note attached to it, reading "the pig is in the dissection room, bitch!". As Ethan arrived at the trailer after collecting the ingredient, Lucas called its phone and, when Ethan answered it, taunted him, telling him about his capture of Zoe and sending him to collect key cards that would allow him access to the barn. Lucas also filmed a short video, explaining to Ethan how he wants things to stay the way they are, setting a television up to play it.

As Ethan progressed through the barn, foiling his traps and defeating the Molded, Lucas would continually mock and tease him, getting on Ethan's nerves. Once he made it to the Party room, Ethan completed the puzzle without releasing the oil. Angered, Lucas dropped a stick of dynamite in the room to kill Ethan, but it was instead used by the latter to escape. Furious at this twist of events, Lucas fled. He taunted him one last time via video recording, suggesting that he had more surprises in store for Ethan, but was not seen again afterwards though his IED traps are seen when Ethan entered the salt mines. Blue Umbrella's special forces team survey the Baker Ranch and Chris Redfield reports that Lucas was in the salt mines and that he was going to look for him. After helping Ethan kill Eveline, Chris entered the salt mines in pursuit of Lucas.

Operation Lurking Fear Edit


Lucas in his Molded form.

At an undisclosed point in time, Lucas betrayed the Connections scientists working with him, feeding them all to the Molded before covering the incident up as an accident. With Umbrella in hot pursuit and a third party in need of the E-Series data, Lucas commenced a final effort to complete his transactions and cut ties with his former business partners. He captured three Umbrella soldiers working under Chris in order to use them as bait. When Chris attempted to save the first of these captured operatives, Lucas, under the guise of another operative, attached a plastic explosive to Chris's arm before detonating a similar bomb on his hostage's neck. Lucas proceded to release the E-Type mutamycete throughout the mines as a further means of trying to kill Chris. He later killed the second captive soldier with a buzz saw, and blew the final operative's head off with another remote bomb. Mocking Chris, he activated bomb on his arm, although Chris was able to remove it in time by freezing it with liquid nitrogen.

Lucas eventually activates the self-destruct mode of the salt mine at the last ditch effort to kill Chris. Thinking Chris was dead from the explosion, he sent an email about Eveline's data to the unknown third party before being chased by Chris one final time. Lucas ambushed Chris with a knife in an attempt to kill him, only to be shot in the chest in the process, triggering a grotesque mutation and a final battle with Chris. After taking too much damage, the mutant Lucas collapsed on the floor and was decapitated by a blast from Chris's shotgun. The unidentified buyer would never receive the email Lucas was preparing to send them, as Chris destroyed Lucas' computer.

Personality Edit

Lucas is a clinical psychopath, as he exhibits all the typical symptoms while not under Eveline's influence. The bright and creative inventor's mind that Lucas possesses is marred by a sadistic streak and childish immaturity. Lucas gleefully bullies and belittles "guests" of the Baker family, from throwing food at Ethan to imprisoning victims in his latest "games". Lucas promises his victims freedom should they successfully complete his challenges, but given the rigged nature of the "games" that killed Clancy and Hoffman, it is clear that he takes too much pleasure in their agonizing deaths to actually give his victims a chance at legitimately winning and earning their freedom.

In fact, Lucas flies into a rage when Ethan places a candle into the bomb cake without first releasing the crank from the oil-filled barrel, sparing him the same fiery death that Clancy had met. Further proving himself a sore loser, Lucas then attempts to murder Ethan with dynamite, which backfires and forces Lucas to flee.

Despite his father's belief that Eveline had also seized control of Lucas, several emails reveal that he is not actually under her control; rather that he has succeeded in fooling Eveline to believe that he is. However, he genuinely revels in the regenerative powers that Eveline gifted him with and rejects notions of "turning back the clock" and being fully cured, mutilating himself on-screen to prove a point to Ethan.

Prior to Eveline's arrival, although overall still unpleasant, he did make an effort to live a normal life. In addition, he also was shown to sense something was deeply wrong with his dad when Eveline started to take control of the family, notably showing fear when Jack dragged him off to "meet Eveline."

His sadistic personality, at least after the arrival of Eveline, is as genuine as it comes, although it is unclear whether this sadism developed from Eveline's influence on his family, or on his own from his childhood as a spiteful prankster. Although he has no remorse for his actions, his email to The Connections implied that he did feel annoyed in having to clean up after the family for the "new visitors". According to a file found in the game, it is revealed that Lucas once killed a bully named Oliver by locking him up in the attic and letting him starve, thereby implying that Lucas was already a psychopath by the time Eveline showed up. In the Not a Hero DLC, Lucas admits to Chris that he enjoyed torturing and killing his men.

Lucas also seems somewhat known in the family for being lecherous. In one of the notes in the house left by his father, Jack lists off some of the newest potential "family members" they captured and attempted to convert. On the list, Jack mentions that Lucas brought three college girls, but that they could not be converted due to being "rotten", berating Lucas for being an idiot. During the barn fight, Lucas also mentions to Ethan that he really needs a girlfriend, and asks Ethan to find him one. In the Daughters DLC, it was revealed that he would peek in on his own sister Zoe doing yoga.


Just like his parents, Lucas has incredible regenerative abilities, being able to regrow his arm after it had been sliced off by Jack, with Lucas implying that this wasn't the first time it happened.[4] Despite his superhuman abilities, Lucas never directly confronts Ethan or chases him around the house, instead preferring to rig up elaborate traps and "parties" for his victims while taunting them via video recordings, even running away from Ethan when cornered at the pier.

After transforming into his Molded form, he gains superhuman strength, durability and agility. This is demonstrated by him being capable of leaping to great heights despite his gigantic size. His right hand can turn into a massive tentacle, which he uses to inflict great damage to Chris at close range, and his left hand morphs into a mold tumor, which he uses to shoot liquifed mold at Chris for a long ranged attack. When in a pinch, Molded Lucas can also release heavy amounts of Mold spores in an attempt to suffocate Chris.


Mutated Lucas is encountered as the ending boss fight of the "Not A Hero" scenario.




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