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The luggage containers are three hanging steel frames in the island's underground. It was at this site that Leon S. Kennedy first battled U-3.


There are three hanging containers hanging, each with its own luggage. An elevator connected the Luggage area to the Underground cavern. The ladder leads to the campsite.


Leon was introduced to the U-3 who emerged from the cavern wall, forcing Leon to evade into the Luggage containers. For each containers, Leon must find a way to escape each containers by shooting the switch, which will unlock the shutter before operating the switch which will open the way to another containers. Keep in mind that, he has only thirty seconds to escape the container before it falls down. The U-3 will attempt to attack Leon from above so be prepared for anything. On the last container, the U-3 will mutate a sharp blade on its back. Upon escaping all containers, Leon will face the U-3 once more not far where he had landed.


Location Action Localization Original script
The doors while they're locked OPEN (locked door sound) It won't open. Activating the emergency system of this container-rig might release the lock. The emergency system's gotta be around here somewhere.
First time at one of the switches in each rig OPERATE (view switch) You've activated one of the emergency switches. There must be another one...
The second switch of each rig OPERATE (view switch) You've activated both of the emergency switches. The door should open now. I have to get out of here before the whole container-rig drops!



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