The luggage containers are three hanging steel frames in the island's underground. It is at this site that Leon S. Kennedy battles U-3.


There are three hanging containers, each with its own luggage. An elevator connects the Luggage area to the Underground cavern. The ladder leads to the campsite.


Before the U-3 appears there is a Yellow Herb behind a torn open wire fence. Leon is introduced to the U-3 who emerges from the cavern wall, forcing Leon to evade into the Luggage containers. The U-3 cannot be killed at this point, only stunned and forced to retreat out of Leon's path. Throughout the area button prompts will be given when the U-3 tries to grab Leon from the top of the containers.

Each of the three individual containers has two buttons that must be pressed to open the emergency shutters. After pressing the second of the two buttons in each a thirty second countdown will start, at the end of which the current container will fall into the abyss and cause a game over if not escaped in that time.

After escaping the luggage containers, the U-3 will appear and become trapped with Leon behind a gate until he is killed. After U-3's death, a Green Herb can be found under the next staircase, and another can be found be taking the gondola back across the abyss.


Location Action Localization Original script
The doors while they're locked OPEN (locked door sound) It won't open. Activating the emergency system of this container-rig might release the lock. The emergency system's gotta be around here somewhere.
First time at one of the switches in each rig OPERATE (view switch) You've activated one of the emergency switches. There must be another one...
The second switch of each rig OPERATE (view switch) You've activated both of the emergency switches. The door should open now. I have to get out of here before the whole container-rig drops!