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MUSICAL BIOHAZARD ~ Voice of Gaia ~ (ミュージカル バイオハザード ~ヴォイス・オブ・ガイア~ Myūjikaru baiohazādo ~ voisu obu gaia ~?), otherwise known as MUSICAL BIOHAZARD is a Japanese musical stage production. Starring Reon Yuzuki, it was performed in Japanese theaters between September and November 2016.

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  • Lisa Martin (リサ・マーチン), played by Reon Yuzuki - A fierce fighter of the Croatian city who suffers memory loss. She is a friend of Lovro, and loathes Bernard Chavez.
  • Dr. Dan Gibson (ダン・ギブソン), played by Daisuke Watanabe - An American doctor pursuing a cure for the virus. He travels to a small island in the Adriatic after hearing of a little girl who survived an attack by "Them".
  • Lovro (ロブロ), played by Sōichi Hirama - Part of Gibson's team looking for the little girl.
  • Roberto (ロベルト・レコ), played by Naoto Kaihō and Murai Naruhito -
  • Marco (マルコ), played by KYOHEI - A close friend of Lisa.
  • Joe (ジョー・ナッグス), played by Haruhiko Jo - A US Air Force doctor who is aware of the virus' history.
  • Colonel Maurice Green (モーリス・グリーン), played by Yoshino Keigo -
  • Bernard Chavez (ベルナルド・チャベス), played by Eiji Yokota -
  • Zelg (ゼルグ), played by Makoto Arikawa - A member of Gibson's team.


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Biohazard-Voice of Gaia (Rusub by Dekadansu)02:31:17

Biohazard-Voice of Gaia (Rusub by Dekadansu)

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