The machine room[1][note 1] was part of an unidentified facility on the island.


This room is the continuation of the machine room, before heading to the laser room.


Jack Krauser is fought here in a knife fight. The player must complete quick time events that will each use one of the combinations of input that vary between versions of the game. At the end, the player must tap a button (or shake the remote on the Wii version) rapidly to avoid being stabbed until Ada arrives in time to help. After this battle, Leon gets a transmission from Osmund Saddler about his reunion with his old partner, also alluding to the upcoming U-3 fight.




  1. 機械室前 , used in the kaitaishinsho, translates literally as "machine room"
  1. Hamamura (ed.), kaitaishinsho, p.336

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