Original artwork of the design.

Made in Heaven is a jacket design originally featured in Resident Evil and its successor Resident Evil 2.


In the original Resident Evil, Chris Redfield wore the design on the back of a brown bomber jacket. This jacket could be unlocked by completing the game and receiving the Closet Key. This jacket can be seen again in the Raccoon City Police Department, hanging on the wall next to his desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office. In the later remake of the game, Chris wore the design on the back of a red shirt instead of his brown bomber jacket.

In Resident Evil 2, Chris' little sister, Claire Redfield, wears this design on the back of her vest in her standard outfit. Her standard outfit was redesigned for Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and the design remained. This redesign has been featured in subsequent games in the series starring Claire.



The design is featured on a number of products from jackets to Zippo lighters. A leather "Made in Heaven" Zippo was released as part of the promotion for the original Resident Evil in Japan. Three colour versions were produced in 1998 to be sold alongside Resident Evil 2.[1] Hong Kong toy makers also created similar lighters to advertise their manhua.


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