Magnum Anaconda is a weapon in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

It appears exclusively in Raid Mode (along with the Anti-Materiel Rifle, Shotgun Hydra, High-Roller, Rifle Muramasa, Pale Rider, and Handgun Triple Shot). The Magnum Anaconda is characterized by its slow fire rate and high recoil, trade offs for the immense firepower it provides. Of all the magnums in Revelation 2's Raid Mode, the Anaconda possesses the second-highest firepower, beaten only by the Pale Rider. However, the Anaconda holds three more rounds and has a faster fire rate in comparison. One may mitigate the slow fire rate by attaching firing speed custom parts (Fire Rate & BSAA) to the Anaconda as the recoil issue is not as pressing as the low rate of fire.


Name Magnum Anaconda
Firepower ?
Firing Rate ?
Capacity ?
Parts slots ?
Raid Mode description
Magnum: a gun with a lot of firepower.



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