The Main Deck is a location of Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-2. It is the location where Excella Gionne endures a painful transformation into Uroboros Aheri. This area plays mainly as a quick-time event in which Chris and Sheva must run away as quickly as possible for the mutated Excella Gionne.


Main Deck (9)

Pressing the following button prompts will enable Chris and Sheva avoid the attacks.

Once player have arrived in this area, go down the stairs and head toward the huge pile of dead Majini to trigger a cutscene showing Excella transform into Uroboros Aheri.

After the cutscene, player must guide Chris and Sheva by pressing the necessary button prompts to avoid the Uroboros Aheri attacks. Fail to press the necessary button will result Chris and Sheva get kill instantly.



Main GameEdit



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