The Main Garden is an area of the courtyard.


The garden is composed of a decorated path that leads to two area, an elevator at the far left end going down toward the garden with a waterfall and the gate ahead to the floodgate area. In the remake, a fountain has been added in the middle of the garden, flowing with water on the pavement.


In either the original or remake version, three Cerberus will be face here. If Chris/Jill were able to get the Radio from Richard, they will receive a signal from Brad here.

In order to bring the elevator back up, the player must find the Battery. Then, the battery must be placed on the battery slot at the garden below. With the elevator operational, player can ascend or descend the two garden without venturing through the floodgate path.

When the floodgate is close, the water will stop falling below. This will allow the player to enter the entrance to the courtyard B1.


Two blue and red herbs can be found on the main garden. The map for the courtyard can be found posted on the wall near the elevator toward the garden below.


A green herb and blue herb can be located at the right side of the area.


<imap map-id=3746/>


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Elevator Winch A winch for the elevator. The elevator is down.
Map on the wall It's a map of the GARDEN, Will you take it? Yes/No
Resident Evil
Fountain It look like a fountain, but there's no water coming out.






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