Main street is a room in Resident Evil Outbreak, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


One of Raccoon City's main roads. Countless zombies have gathered here, causing the Raccoon City Police Department to focus their efforts at eliminating the threat here. After the street is blown to pieces, it is revisited by survivors of Umbrella Security Service before escaping the city.

The Raccoon Mall is located along this road.


Resident Evil OutbreakEdit

Upon reaching main street, the player must combine the Detonator Main Unit and Detonator Handle found nearby to create the Detonator. The item can then be used near the fuse box. Zombies freely roam the area.

Talking to Harry near the end of the road will cause him to drop his Handgun.

Further notesEdit

  • Contrary to popular belief, this room is not the name of an actual road. Its Japanese name implies that it is a main road, rather than "Main Street".
  • This room shares the same name with the boulevard in Uptown Raccoon City.

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