The main shaft is an area of the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory.


The main shaft act as the central hub, separating the east and west area of the Underground Laboratory as well as the main power source for it.


Main Shaft (9)

Due to the missing main fuse on the breaker system, the power is not active in certain locations. Once the main fuse is found, the player can put it back on the breaker system to restore power.

After returning to this main shaft during scenario A with the G-virus, Ada will appear on the platform. Ada points her gun toward Leon, asking him to give her the G-virus. All of a sudden, Annette shots Ada from behind before falling unconscious on the platform. At this time, Ada was weakening by the gun shot and was about to fall from platform, though Leon managed to grab her by the hand. Despite Leon effort trying to save her, Ada proceeds to let go of his grips and falls to the death. Leon then collapse in despair and throw the G-virus away from the platform afterward.

In Claire's scenario B, the player will find Annette lying here on the platform towards the west passage entry with Sherry beside her. Annette would proceeds to speak her last words before dying at that moment. Assuming Claire's control, the player can grab the Master key afterward and exit the main shaft.


Location Localization Original script
Huge breaker system A huge breaker system that regulates all the power in the lab. The main fuse has been removed and the power is not active in some area.
The huge breaker system (Once power is restored) A huge breaker system that regulates all the power in the lab.
Ada's gun (Leon, scenario A) It's Ada's gun. There are no rounds in the magazine.
Annette (Leon, scenario A) What made her do that...!?
The gun on the floor (Claire, scenario B) It's a gun. It's not loaded.
Annette (Claire, scenario B) Her fever has subsided and she is resting as though asleep.
All exit except the B4F turntable access There's no time to go back!