Female Majini

Female Majini

The female majini was a woman implanted with a Type 2 Plagas.


She comes in three different variants: one dressed in a pink top and honeycomb yellow skirt with a headdress, her second is in a green top and skirt with green headdress and the second is dressed in a green top with yellow skirt without a headdress. They all wear brown sandals.

In GameEdit

Unlike zombies, they appear to be normal humans. They make their cinematic debut in Chapter 1-1, but only appear as opposition in Chapter 1-2. They can only be found in this level throughout the course of the game and only four of them are encountered. Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar neutralized them.

The MercenariesEdit

They appear in the Public Assembly level in great numbers unlike their role in the main game. They can now spawn Cephalos and one female majini spawns a Duvalia in the Mercenaries Reunion. They are the fastest and most agile of the town majini, however have the lowest health.

Further notesEdit

  • She makes a distinctive laugh when approaching the player.
  • Her figurine in the library is seen holding a crossbow though she never uses it in-game.
  • One of her cries sounds disturbingly similar to Rebecca Chambers' pained cries from Mercenaries Reunion.