Further notes

Majini (aboriginal) have health values varying between 1000 and 2000 hp. They come in three varieties: "Aborigines A", "B" and "C".


Majini (Aborigine A)

Majini (Aborigine A) (マジニ(先住民A) Majini (senjūmin A)?), known as "Wetlands Majini A" in the localization, is an adult armed with a large, spiked shield and a spiked pole.

Majini (Aborigine B)

Majini (Aborigine B) (マジニ(先住民A) Majini (senjūmin B)?), known as "Wetlands Majini B" in the localization, is an adult armed with a large, spiked metal ball.

Majini (Aborigine C)

Majini (Aborigine C) (マジニ(先住民A) Majini (senjūmin C)?), known as "Wetlands Majini C" in the localization, is armed with a wooden crossbow.


Attacks and ArsenalEdit

It should be noted that in Professional mode, ALL attacks bring you into the dying state immediately. Crossbows and thrown weapons deplete the health bar to the danger state if the two vests are worn (which becomes yellow).

These enemies in particular are faster and more powerful than the Town Majini, being able to leap several feet in the air (rendering the use of ladders useless) and quickly surround the player.


  • Grab - The Majini will attempt to attack the player with its Plaga mouth, which will cause moderate damage if not escaped. It can also cause very little damage if the Majini at least manages to grab your throat.
  • Hold - While holding any one-handed weapon, they will grab the player from behind, hold them down and allow them to be attacked by other Majini. The player takes no damage from the hold itself, but it takes longer to escape from than the regular front grab. Note that you will become an easy target at this time.
  • Punch - The Majini will use a side hook against the player, causing a knockdown. Causes minor damage, but it's very fast.


  • Spear - The Majini will swing downwards and attempt to stab the player, deals moderate damage.
  • Impale - The Majini will get a running start at the player, and impale the player with the spear, lifting them into the air, and slamming them onto the ground, dealing high damage.
  • Lunge - A high damaging attack that renders the player helpless while he recovers from the blow. Thankfully, the player is prompted to dodge a half second before the Majini lands on them.
  • Throw - The Majini rears back, and hurls the spear at the player, dealing moderate damage and causes the Majini to be unarmed.
  • Stab - The Majini will attempt to stab the player, dealing moderate damage plus knockdown.
  • Leap Attack - The Majini will take a readying stance and then proceed to jump towards the player and stab them to the ground, causing high damage and knockdown. The player will be prompted to use reaction commands to dodge it while the Majini is taking position (though simply walking forward works).

Spear and Wooden ShieldEdit

  • Stab - The Majini will attempt to stab the player with an overhead swing, dealing moderate damage plus knockdown.
  • Quick Stabs - The Majini will unleash a flurry of stabs, dealing moderate damage plus knockdown.
  • Shield Slam - When very close to the player, the Majini will lift the wooden shield and bash it against him/her. Deals minor damage plus knockdown.
  • Shove - The Majini will perform a quick, light damaging shove in an effort to deter the player and will usually follow up with a spear attack (does more damage if the shield has spikes on it)
Re5 majini

A Ndipaya tribesman wielding a bow and flaming arrow.

  • Spear - The Majini will stab the player repeatedly, knocking them back and dealing high damage.


  • Fire Breath - After taking a second to rear back, the Majini will bring both torches to one another and blow a high damaging breath of fire. This also stuns the player longer and has quite a range.
  • Rampage - Crouches down and runs very quickly at the player, and stopping to swing his torches around violently, dealing very high damage and knocking the player back, this is probably the most damaging attack of the Majini. It also uses the same animations as the Garrador.


  • Fire - The Majini will fire a slow-moving, explosive arrow at the player. Very long range and will cause moderate damage to the player plus knockdown. It also damages other Majini.


  • Throw - The Majini throws a moderately damaging bomb that explodes upon contact with the ground or water. Has a wider explosion radius than the explosive arrows.

Melee PromptsEdit

  • Face grab - When shot in the face, the Majini will walk backwards while covering his face, yelling in pain and turning his back to the player.
  • Shiver - An alternate animation for the head stun, the Majini will simply stay still, but will shiver while tilting his head slightly.
  • Arm grab - When shot in the arm, the Majini will cover his arm with the opposite hand, while looking at it, and then show a menacing expression to the player.
  • Kneel - When shot in the legs, the Majini will fall on his knees. It's possible to use Melees while he is getting up.
  • Shielded Kneel - When a Majini wielding a wooden shield is shot in the legs, he will kneel down on one knee, while supporting his body with the shield.
  • Leg grab - An alternate animation for the leg stun, the Majini will yell in pain while holding his/her leg, bending downwards.
  • Blinded - When the Majini is caught in an explosion of a Flash Grenade or a Grenade Launcher loaded with Flash Rounds, he will cover his eyes for a few seconds. It basically functions as a head stun.