Malcoda Development Materials is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations.


The development of codename: Malcoda happened by pure chance.

We were infecting various species of fish with the T-Abyss virus as part of our research into marine-based B.O.W.s By chance, one of the test subjects was contaminated with parasites.

The parasite is Gyrodactylus salaris, a small monogenean extoparasite. When T-Abyss is used to infect the host, it not only affects the host, but the parasite as well. The unique mutations formed by the dual infections have allowed us to improve our overall B.O.W. development.

A larval Malcoda is only about 1 cm in length. Because it is so small, it can be used as a parasite to infect the host by secreting a liquid that contains the virus. The parasite mutates inside the host and matures rapidly. Perhaps the synergistic effect of the T-Abyss and the secretion causes an increase to the metabolism of the organism.

The size to which the Malcoda can develop is contingent upon the size of the host. While clinical tests have yet to be carried out, if a whale were to be used as the host, there's no limit to the size Malacoda could assume.


海洋生物のB.O.W.研究の過程で、 我々は様々な魚類にt-アビスによる感染実験を行ったがその中の一匹が、 ハダムシ病に感染していたのである。

マラコーダは、このハダムシが宿主と共にt-アビスに感染したことで、 特異に変化したものをベースにB.O.W.として開発改良したものである。


その小さな体を生かし宿主に寄生すると、 幼生は先ず特殊な体液を分泌させて宿主をもウィルスに感染させてしまう。





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