The mansion bathroom (洋館浴室 Yōkan yokushitsu?)[1] is a room in the Spencer Mansion. It is located on the first floor of the east wing. It is otherwise known simply as the "bathroom" (浴室 Yokushitsu?).[2]


It is the only bathroom inside the Spencer mansion, it is brightened up by a ceiling fan. A square-shaped area rug covers the middle floor of the bathroom. There is a hanging towel, next to the claw foot tub. A large mirror is placed above the sink. There is also a small toilet located next to the bathroom that is brightened up by the lamp on the wall.



Player can unplug the bathtub that is filled with muddy water, to find the Small Key.

Director CutEdit

In Director's Cut, a cutscene will be played at some point showing a zombie approaching the player as they are looking at the mirror. The player can find a Handgun Clip inside the bathtub after draining it.


The player can use the action prompts to remove the plug, thus draining the dirty water inside the bathtub. A small cutscene will play, showing a zombie appear from the bathtub. One old key can be retrieved from the bathtub if playing as Chris, while Jill obtains a Dagger.


Mansion Bathroom Location

The location of the Bathroom within the Mansion


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
The bathtub The bathtub is filled with muddy water.
The sink It looks like the water still works.
The toilet It doesn't look like it's been serviced in a while.
The bathtub (full) It's full of dirty water.
Resident Evil (2002)
The sink It looks like the water still works.
The toilet on the next room It doesn't look like it's been serviced in a while.
Checking the bathtub It's full of dirty water. Remove the plug? Yes/No







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  2. Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.62.

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