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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"Where do you think you're going!?"
— Marguerite

Marguerite Baker was a resident at the so-called "Dulvey Haunted House", a large house in the Southern United States. She was the wife of Jack Baker and mother to Lucas Baker.


The Baker family disappeared from community life sometime around 2014, leading to the belief the house was abandoned, with sightings of the family being seen as hauntings. In June 2017 the American TV paranormal investigation series Sewer Gators investigated the house as a possible episode, resulting in the murder of producer Andre Stickland and the presenter, Peter Walken.[1]

Marguerite, was also seen pursuing Mia Winters,[2] who had escaped her captivity.[3] She ultimately managed to corner her in a crawlspace, presumably also sealing the area and shutting off the candles before retrieving her.

Ethan Winters is seen at a dinner table with the Bakers, who take offense to him not wanting to eat with them. Especially Marguerite, who prepared the dinner herself.[4]


She appears to have superhuman strength and speed, as demonstrated by her hunting down Mia Winters after she escaped: If she detects Mia, she runs towards Mia at a fast enough speed to prevent Mia from getting away, and also proceeds to lift her up by the neck. She also has the peculiar ability to control insects ranging from bees to spiders, when she fought Mia's husband Ethan in attempt to stop him from entering a room

Quotes Edit

"Where do you think you're going!?"

"I told you to stay outta here!!!"

"There you are! You gave us quite a scare, young lady!"

"I'm sick and tired over being sick and tired of your bullshit, girl."

"Why are you putting me through this?"

"What have I done to deserve this except open my home and feed you?"

"I don't understand you at all. This is a gift."

"This house-this house has seen more than you can imagine, and it knows."

"You just don't understand or is it that you just don't care?"

"Every step you take away from me, you spit in her face."

"You best be thankful she loves you."

"How many times do I have to tell you, god damn it? This house is off limits!"

"There are known unknowns here, and you've not paid fucking attention."

"Don't move!"

"You've been a bad girl."

"Stay right there, you little bitch!"

"I'll feed you to my babies and fertilize the garden with what was left."

"We open our home! We open our hearts! And what do you do?!"

"She loves you. She wants us to be a family, god damn it."

"! All you have to do is accept her fucking gift!"

"We love you...Why can't you see that?!"


"There's no way out of there, missy."

Further notesEdit

  • Marguerite is the French variation of the name "Margaret" originally derived from Persian "Morvared" meaning Pearl.



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