Further notes

Mark Wilkins is a tall, strong individual and his abilities reflect this. Mark has the most health of the core eight survivors and is capable of taking many hits before he goes down.

Mark is capable of blocking enemy attacks with his Guard ability, taking minimal damage and sometimes resisting increased viral infection. Very few enemies in the two Outbreak games are capable of breaking his Guard, with Hunters, Thanatos, and the Tyrant from "end of the road" being notable exceptions. Depending on the enemy, he can even guard against a handful of instant death attacks, such as those that come from the Zombie Lion.

Mark can also attack more effectively with melee weapons (such as Iron Pipes and Wooden Poles), using an ability known as "Full Swing". While this swing requires some warm-up, it pays off in big damage.

In many scenarios, there are heavy objects that only Mark and other Mark-type characters can push alone (the tour bus in "wild things", two metal crates in "underbelly", the broken patrol car in "desperate times", and another metal crate in "end of the road".) which usually reveal new items or paths that the survivors can use. Without Mark these objects require 2 characters to push.

However, due to age Mark isn't the swiftest of the survivors. He suffers from a fairly fast virus gauge, second only to Jim's in terms of infection rate. In addition, Mark is the only one of the eight survivors who cannot hide in any of the available lockers or underneath beds throughout the two games. This is due to his large size.


Personal Item: 9mm Handgun (a.k.a. Handgun for Mark)

Mark's duty weapon and his favorite gun, he carries his Beretta 92F/FS with him always. His version has the advantage of not losing its power at any range.

Extra Item (Outbreak File #2 Only): Handgun Magazine

Learning well the lessons of Vietnam, Mark always carries an extra magazine, just in case.

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