Mark and David is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is played during the "Decisions, Decisions" scenario under certain conditions. The conditions are that the player is on Online mode (and therefore cannot be in Europe) and both Mark and David beat Thanatos, but are still infected with the t-Virus. Completing the level with this ending earns the player 50 points.[1]


  • (Helicopter takes off, Mark sits on the bench and David leans on the pole)

Mark's Voice: I've decided to stay here, escapes not for me, I'm a carrier.

  • (Mark and David work on the tank in the Front Square; David pushes the panel down and pounds on it.)

David King: Alright.

Mark Wilkins: Good.

  • (Mark sits in the front seats and David climbs on the top to the gun.)

David King: I'll finish this.

  • (Tank drives through the zombies)

  • (Missiles hit the city and destroy Raccoon City.)

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