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Flagship drama albums
(Fate, Ada and Sherry)

Marker was the director of the Arklay Dam and the father of Jim.


On Sunday September 27, 1998, Marker led a periodic inspection on the dam. At that point, they met by a plague of rats, the dam being in their path of migration. At such a huge size that they covered the lake, the rats tainted the drinking water before reaching land on the other side. When the t-Virus began to spread around the dam, Marker - the only man with a gun - became the last person left. Injured from a bite, he held of infection long enough to warn Nick of the virus' symptoms and ordered him to warn the townspeople. Rather than be shot, Marker jumped out of a window and fell to the lake below.[1]


  1. BIO HAZARD DRAMA ALBUM ~the fate of raccoon city~ Vol.1, "Third Night-The epidemic spreads like a flood"

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