The Marshaling Yard is an area of Umbrella Factory outside of Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Outbreak.

Resident Evil 2

In Scenario A, Leon or Claire can use the Train elevator directly to enter the Umbrella Underground Laboratory. The control panel requires the Activation key that is located inside the Train Cabin. Once activated, a cutscene will be played showing the elevator's descent.

In Scenario B the Train elevator will not be present here after being used by the previous character from scenario A. The Elevator can be brought back by taking a small elevator into a small passage and finding another activation key for use in the Turntable Control room. During this time, the T-00 will appear. Once the key is brought back and inserted at the control panel, the elevator will be bought back up.

Resident Evil 0

Rebecca Chambers finds this place after using the tram and entering through a different door to the one seen in Resident Evil 2. Like in Scenario B for Resident Evil 2, the Train elevator isn't present at first but and the key to be used in the Turntable Control room is found by taking the smaller elevator into the same small passage.

In what is likely an homage to Resident Evil 2's scene with T-00 suddenly appearing from around the corner, 2 Hunters make an appearance after the key is found.

Resident Evil Outbreak

This location is found in the Below Freezing Point scenario and is the final location of that chapter. The characters approach it from the Umbrella Underground Laboratory underneath. Once here they face the G-Mutant.

The train can be used to assist the defeat of the creature as using the control panel with the creature in line of it will force the train into it after charging.

This game actually shows the train moving from the platform as this is what the characters use to escape.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Control device for the turn table It seem to be a control device for the turn table. There's a key hole...
Control device for the turn table (After the key is insert) Will you push the activation switch? Yes/No