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(Rejected BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil sequel)

Marvin Branagh was a member of the Raccoon City Police Department at the time of the viral outbreak.


Marvin was a police officer at the Raccoon City Police Department, working under the chief of police, Brian Irons.[4]

Raccoon City Outbreak

Following the events of the Umbrella incident in the Arklay Mountains, a leak from an Umbrella facility within Raccoon City led to another t-Virus (Clay virus ε-strain) outbreak.[5] When the Police Department fell to the zombie horde, Marvin teamed up with surviving cop Leon S. Kennedy and an Umbrella researcher named Ada Wong. They escaped into the sewers and soon found their way into an Umbrella factory where Marvin was infected. As Ada led them into a secret laboratory under the factory, Marvin was slashed by the infected Dr. Birkin and was taken to a security room to rest.

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