Master of Knifing

Master of Knifing is a minigame obtained after beating Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. The game consists of five levels in which the player battles enemies using only the stylus to control the character's knifing attacks.

As in the main game, players have the option of being either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. Also like the main game, playing as Chris will net you the harder version. If you finish all the levels on B rank or higher you unlock Albert Wesker as a playable character for multiplayer.

Attacks Edit

The player can perform three different types of attack with the knife.

  • Stab: Tap the screen with the stylus.
  • Slash: Drag the stylus across the screen, from one side to the other.
  • Critical: Slash or stab the enemy as it is about to hit you.

While a zombie performs its bile attack, it is possible to blow into the microphone and, if timed right, blow the bile back towards the zombie.

Walkthrough Edit

The mini game consists of five different stages, each having a boss at the end. Chris, in the spirit of being the harder character, gets more enemies than Jill and needs to inflict more damage than she does to down an enemy. Chris' health is also less than Jill's.

Stage 1 Edit

Stage 1 takes place in the Large Gallery on Mansion 1F. Chris and Jill will fight a total of ten and seven 'normal' Zombies, respectively. A Naked Zombie will appear at the end as the stage boss.

Stage 2 Edit

Stage 2 takes place in the L-shaped corridor on Mansion 1F. Chris will fight fourteen crows and Zombies, while Jill will face seven crows and nine Zombies. The Stage Boss is a Hunter α.

Stage 3 Edit

Stage 3 takes place in the courtyard's Main Garden. Chris fights seven Crows and Zombies each, and three Hunter αs (weaker than the Stage 2 boss). Jill fights six Crows; seven Zombies and two Hunter αs. The boss for this stage is the Forest Zombie (the Zombified Forest Speyer).

Stage 4 Edit

Stage 4 takes place at the courtyard's garden with a waterfall. Jill fights five Zombies; six Hunters and three Naked Zombies before fighting three Cerberuses as the boss. The Cerberuses only attack by jumping at the player first, and after howling. This gives the player time to prepare a mid-air slash - only one is needed to take down a Cerberus in Jill's version.

Final Stage Edit

Final Stage features the Yawn in the Guardhouse as the boss, with a respawning murder of Crows added for Chris. The Yawn's skin is hardened against knife attacks, and its two weaknesses (the mouth and belly) can only be attacked in three specific instances: when it opens its mouth before an attack; when it swings its head in the attack, and the occasional instance it pulls its head back with the belly close to the player.

Final scoring Edit

The final score is valued based on a combination of play tie; the Max Hit Combo; Hit Accuracy, and Damage Received.


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