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(Cross-over metaverse)

The Material World (物質界 Busshitsu-kai?) is the name of a dimension inhabited by non-magical humans.


Ten years before the year 20XX, technology was developed which could enable interdimensional travel. This was heavily opposed by the ancient society Shinra, who made it their goal to protect the Earth from ancient yōkai such as the Kamaitachi and Tengu. This led too a large battle in Shibuya, Tokyo, leading to the district itself being sealed off.

Further notes

The Material World is explored in two separate time periods. The present itself is in the year 20XX and contains characters from Bravoman; Dino Crisis; Final Fight; Resident Evil; Rival Schools; Street Fighter; Tekken and Wonder Momo. The distant future is populated by characters from Baraduke; Burning Force; Captain Commando; Dig Dug; Forgotten Worlds; Mega Man Legends; Strider and XenoSaga.


See also

  • Makai - another dimension, inhabited by monsters from the Material World's folklore.
  • Fantasy World - a dimension populated by supernatural beings.
  • Mōryō World - another dimension which is similar to the Material World's distant past.
  • Divine World - the dimension resided in by gods.