"The Matilda is a unique pistol that supports a stock. It possesses three-round rapid-fire capability. although it uses up ammo rather quickly."
— In-game Description



The Matilda is a handgun that appears in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It has the ability fire 3-rounds burst in quick succession. However, this model differs greatly from a standard VP70 from which the Matilda is based on. It is gold-plated, and features unique stock, as well as a laser module under the barrel.

The Matilda is a bonus weapon that is not included in the standard game. There are three ways it could be obtained: Solving Clue #5 for the Inserted Evil minigame would enter the player to win one of 6600 codes for the Classic Weapons pack, which includes the Matilda. Certain small retailers included the pack as a pre-order bonus. The most common way to obtain the Matilda was to purchase the special edition of the game. Having 15 rounds in it's magazine and 60 spare rounds initially, the maximum number of spare bullets is 120.



Damage ORC bar 4 Range ORC bar 2
Blood Frenzy ORC bar 6 Rate of Fire ORC bar 5
Accuracy ORC bar 3 Ammo ORC bar 4

Other appearances

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