The Medical Set is George Hamilton's personal item that enables him to create medical pills from various combination of herbs. He carries this item with him at all times.

(Like all other personal items, the Medical Set cannot be discarded)

To create medical pills, combine the appropriate ingredients with the Medical Set.

The types of pills he can make are as follows:

  • Green Herb = Antidote (cures poison status)
  • Red Herb = Hemostat (cures bleeding status)
  • Blue Herb = Recovery Medicine (heals a small portion of the player's health)
  • Blue + Red Herb = Recovery Medicine [L] (heals a large portion of the player's health)
  • Blue + Green Herb = Anti-Virus (Pill) (freezes the virus gauge for about a minute)
  • Blue + Green + Red Herb = Anti-Virus (L) (freezes the virus gauge for about three minutes)

Outbreak FILE #2

In Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, large versions of the pills were replaced with three stacked versions of the small pills. Red herbs could also be combined with the green herbs to make three antidotes.

George's Capsule Shooter allows him to "shoot" his medical pills at his companions from a distance, also amplifying their healing effects.

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