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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Mercenaries are the protagonists of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps. They are mercenaries paid to carry out extraction experiments by corporations engaged in selling B.O.W.s, they face off against different mercenaries from rival corporations in areas infested with Zombies, Ganados, Majinis and other BOWs.

History Edit

Two years after the Global Bioterrorist Attacks Mercenaries began to be active in infiltrating areas that are locked down, commiting illegal activities, either to their own accord or hired by companies to obtain viral samples and research data for their own purposes. One notable mercenary, 3A-7 acted under the supervision of Abraham Jackson and Beatrice Bertrand, as they give him various objectives.

Objective Edit

Being mercenaries, they are hired by companies to recover virus samples, research data, lost secrets and anything that can profit them. Some mercenaries are independent "Zombie Hunters", acting on their own accord killing B.O.W.s for the sake of thrill.

Equipment Edit

Most of the equipment mercenaries use are improvised mountain climbing tools. They are:

  1. The "Debrainer" or "Cronus", known only as the "Zombie Vile" (ゾンビバイル Zonbibairu?) in Japan: a modified ice ax intended for destroying the link between the cerebrum and spinal cord.
  2. The "Tactical Shield", known as the "Bite Guard" (ベイトガード Beitogādo?) in Japan: an armored attachment to the arm which deflects bullets. It contains a sticky resin which can prevent zombies getting any closer should they get stuck.
  3. The "Terrain Spikes", known as the "Zombie Climbing Irons" (ゾンビアイゼン Zonbiaizen?) in Japan: these studded boots are used to destroy the heads of crawling and downed zombies to prevent any further attacks.
  4. The "Zombie Jammer" (ゾンビジャマー Zonbijamā?): a device which emits electromagnetic radiation designed to disorient nearby zombies, thus preventing the user from being attacked. The official website recommends destroying an enemy's jammer to prevent them escaping.

In terms of weaponry, mercenaries carry firearms that doesn't hinder their mobility such as PDWs, compact shotguns and hand

Further notesEdit

  • The player can customize the mercenary to their own liking.

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