Further notes

The Mesec relies on being airborne to sneak up on an unaware victim. Its only known attacks are slashing with its talons and grabbing its prey, carrying them upwards and dropping them, causing medium damage. In higher difficulties they will grab the player, causing a QTE event that will result in the player being thrown down the pits on Jake and Sherry's campaign. A unique counter for either character can then be initiated, usually resulting in a one hit kill.


When it appears in Jake's campaign, the harsh snowstorm makes it very hard to see in such situations. When encountering these for the first time, it is recommended to let the snowstorm settle for a clear visual. These creatures are usually airborne however, they will land sometimes, attempting to sneak up on the player. When the snowstorm has settled, focus on the Mesec when they are airborne. Using Jake's Nine-Oh-Nine or Sherry's Triple Shot, unload on them until they go down. The same method applies on the ones that have landed.

The Mesec that spawn from Neo-Umbrella J'avo can be eliminated the same way, but extra caution is advised if there are other J'avo or B.O.W.s present. Mesec are also very vulnerable to flash grenades, which can eliminate multiple at one time if they're in close proximity to each other.