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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Mia Winters is a former employee for an unknown organization who worked covertly in the birth of Eveline, acting as her caretaker for her while covering up her career as a nanny profession to her husband, Ethan. After being presumed dead in 2014, she was recovered by the Baker family, and resided under lock and key at their property until being re-discovered in mid-2017.


Outside of her marriage to Ethan Winters, very little is known about Mia's life prior to the events of the game. According to Mia's driver's license, the couple reside in Texas.

October 2014 Edit

Sometime after her marriage to Ethan, Mia took on a job as a handler or "babysitter" for Eveline - a living biological weapon - which she and Alan Douglas were transporting on a ship. In the beginning Mia sends a heart warming video message saying that she misses Ethan and hope the babysitting can be done quick so she can come back and see him. Eveline began to lash out during the journey, transforming the crew into Molded. When this happened and it became clear that she would most likely be unable to defeat Eveline, Mia sent Ethan a second video message, now terrified and worried urging him not to come searching for her and wishing him a good life. Mia proficiently neutralized the Molded with a P-19 Machine Gun (implying that she had some prior weapons training) but was ultimately unable to kill or recapture Eveline, and was instead thrown overboard when the ship exploded, also being forced to accept Eveline as being her "daughter" just before being ejected. 

Mia and Eveline were beached near the bayou, along with the tanker. Jack searched for survivors near the location and found Mia first and proceeded to take her to Zoe's trailer for shelter. During this time, Mia wrote a letter to thank the Baker family as well a warning on not to approach with Eveline and the consequences of doing so. Before she could finish the letter, she fell unconscious, and chaos had already ensued the house as Jack has already found Eveline and brought her to their house.

June 2017 Edit

Under Eveline's influence, Mia attacked two of the Sewer Gators crew in the kitchen area in the Baker home, stabbing Peter Walken in the back, and proceeds to stab Clancy Jarvis's left thigh. Pete managed to retaliate back against her, only to result in his decapitation, and disappeared. After a moment of silence by Clancy, Mia suddenly appears in front of him, menacing him with the knife.

July 2017 Edit

Mia, under the influence of Eveline ultimately sends a message to her husband Ethan telling him she is alive and he should come to Dulvey in Louisiana to find her. Eager to figure out what's going on with his wife who had been declared dead three years ago he reaches the Baker plantation and after entering he finds Mia locked in a cell and successfully releases her from her cell. He then states that she sent an email to him wanting to be rescued which confused Mia and she said that wasn't her. They hear a noise in the distance, Mia becomes frantic and states "Daddy's coming" they hid in the next room with Mia catching her breath, Ethan explores the room over and hears Mia screaming and finds her gone from the room and went after her until he realized that she's gone completely.


Mia alerting Ethan that Daddy's coming

Later on there's loud banging coming from the door down the hall; Ethan opens and finds a monstrous Mia climbing up the stairs, she grabs him and throws Ethan with tremendous strength back up the stairs and against the wall. She then rushed at him with a knife cutting him violently, after a brief struggle between the two, Ethan pushes her off him with Mia returning to her normal self exclaiming in agony that she won't get out of her head as she bangs her head against the wall before finally knocking herself unconscious. Before Ethan could react she immediately rose up and grabbed his arm and threw him through a wall. As Ethan is being dazed, she grabbed a wooden plank as he grabbed an ax, and after a brief battle, Ethan struck her in the neck causing her to faint. After Ethan came back from the phone, he notices her body was gone, and later on Mia approaches Ethan after he had put the stair fuse in the fuse box, she talked to him in her normal state telling him that she knew he didn't mean to hurt her and then stabbed him with a screw driver after becoming violent again.

As Ethan struggled to get the screwdriver out, Mia obtained a chainsaw and was planning to butcher Ethan, fortunately Ethan got free but at the cost of his hand as Mia sawed it off. The pair go head to head in a fight in the attic, but Ethan prevails and Mia falls to the floor saying to him "I love you" just she falls to the ground. As Mia is lying on the ground Jack approaches Ethan from behind and punches him, knocking him out by kicking him in the face and drags him along with Mia to the main house.

She was then seen a videotape trying to run away from Marguerite, but was then recaptured when she gets trapped by Marguerite in a crawlspace.

Ethan is driven with a task while in the house by a girl named Zoe to craft a serum that can cure the both of them (Mia and Zoe). Ethan obtains the two serums from Zoe but had to use one of them to defeat Jack which left him no choice, but to chose between the two girls.

Good EndingEdit

If Ethan chooses Mia, he tries to comfort Zoe telling her that he'll find help but she refuses to listen and tells them to leave. Both aboard a life boat in order to escape but unfortunately the mold starts to grow over, flipping the boat causing both to be submerged underwater. After waking up, Mia relives how she became infected and controlled by Eveline. Eveline tells her if she "remembers" and wants to become a family. Mia refuses to believe that they will ever become a family and Eveline chuckles and disappears. Shortly after, Mia finds Ethan through a series of security cameras surveying rooms. He is held up in a room covered with mold most likely from the attack on the boat. When Mia frees Ethan from it she quickly grabs him and pushes him into another room handing him Eveline's tissue samples. She shuts the door saying that she can't resist for much longer and that he has to kill Eveline. Her last words were, "Now, go kill that little bitch", until she sees you again. After the final fight versus Eveline, Ethan meets her alive on the rescue helicopter.

Bad EndingEdit

If Ethan chose to cure Zoe instead of Mia, Ethan must fight Mia once again. She cannot resist the grasp of Eveline and loses control while pushing him aside. Grasping in pain, she pulls out a knife and starts to come after Ethan. After attacking her with a crowbar, Ethan ends up stabbing her through the chest ending her life as she turns into dust. Her last words were, "Now, go kill that little bitch." Same as the good ending. Then as Ethan was on the rescue helicopter following the final fight, he watches a video of her with a cell phone before saying his final goodbyes to Mia and throwing the phone off the helicopter.

Gameplay Edit

The first hostile encounter with Mia occurs shortly after Ethan rescues her from the basement where she attacks him with a knife. The player must be following the onscreen prompts to fight her off although she will violently impale his hand in a scripted event. She will then throw him through a wall into a room containing an axe which can be used to fight her conventionally. This battle serves as a tutorial for melee combat and blocking attacks. After several strikes, Ethan strikes her through the neck and she collapses, defeating her.

After restoring power to the attic, Mia attacks Ethan in another scripted event which culminates in her severing his left arm with a Chainsaw. Shortly afterwards, she ambushes him in the attic and serves as the first boss fight. She will slowly approach Ethan and violently swipe at him with the chainsaw, inflicting a large amount of damage. Shooting her in the head with 10-15 direct shots (depending on the difficulty) will briefly make her stagger and knock her out. If the player runs out of ammo, they can still inflict damage with the axe although this is a risky strategy. The player defeats her yet again, with her telling Ethan that she loves him just when she collapses.

The final encounter with Mia only occurs if Ethan chooses to cure Zoe. After rescuing him from the Hive Mind's influence in the ship, Mia will fully succumb to Eveline's influence and attempt to kill him. Ethan is unarmed and he quickly grabs the nearby crowbar to defend himself as Mia attacks him with her knife. After several melee strikes, Ethan impales her with the crowbar, ending her life.

Regardless of whether she was cured or not, the infected Mia makes a final appearance during the return to the guest house as a violent hallucination. Although she will attack Ethan with the chainsaw, she inflicts no damage.



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