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ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

"Time for them to know the true terror of our bio organic weapons!"

Michaela Schneider, codenamed "BERTHA", was a covert operative of Umbrella Security Service, a subsidiary paramilitary organization owned by the Umbrella Corporation. By the year 1998, she was assigned to the U.S.S. Delta Team ("Wolfpack") as the team's field medic.


"My name is BERTHA. Ready to play."

Prior to her service under the Umbrella Corporation, Michaela Schneider developed exceptional skills as a German medic, becoming an excellent healer with a keen interest in making the human body operate at maximum capacity. However, her extreme aptitude for medicine contrasts with her disregard for human life. Rather than placating her patients, she enjoyed causing them terror by detailing the exact amount of pain that they could expect to endure under her care. Her personal delight in a person's agony is further evident in the fact that she rarely ever resorts to using anesthetics on her subjects.

Following Schneider's discharge, the retired soldier made an unsuccessful attempt at reintegrating into society; her lack of concern for other people's well-being made her completely unsuitable to continue practicing medicine in a civilian role. However, Schneider's skills as a medic, combined with her lack of ethics or sentimentality, ultimately qualified her for employment in Umbrella's Security Service unit, under which she gained the codename "BERTHA." In addition to her new affiliation with the Umbrella Corporation, BERTHA also sold her services to the private contractors, utilizing her expertise as a professional torturer-for-hire. As effective as she is as a healer, she is just as efficient at causing pain. Through her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, BERTHA has developed certain interrogation techniques that enable her to cause immense agony in her subjects, but without killing them. Hence, she can repeat the process multiple times. Her personal work is also a vast source of top secret and back channel information.

By 1998, BERTHA was assigned to "Wolfpack," Umbrella's new U.S.S. Delta Team, which was reconstituted after the previous unit's destruction. Her unit assisted elite operative HUNK's U.S.S. Alpha Team in their mission to retrieve the G-Virus, and was later deployed to Raccoon City after Umbrella's t-Virus contaminated the area and infected most of the population.


BERTHA is described as the "Medic" class.

"Michaela BERTHA Schneider finds pleasure in pain. After an unsuccessful return to civilian life, this disciplined former soldier with a devotion to medicine eagerly joined Wolfpack as their medic when she was assured anesthetic would be considered a luxury and not a priority."

BERTHA's brutal kills involves her performing a stabbing attack. Upon kill, there's a high chance the enemy will drop a Green Herb.

Her default selected weapon and primary weapon when controlled by AI will be the Submachine Gun.

When reviving a dead teammate she will say "Bertha will always fix you up good".

Her alternate color in the USS Wolfpack Uniforms DLC is a scarlet red uniform.

While it is obvious that BERTHA is the primary support, there are times that the player should know what kind of support she should perform. She may stick as the primary healer or a battle-type healer (with her abilities Painkiller and Stimpack). Planning before a mission is crucial for her.


Ability Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passive Abilities
First Aid Proficiency
First Aid Proficiency
Allows you to spawn with a First Aid Spray and increases your carrying capacity of First Aid Sprays to [x]. 2
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Field Medic
Field Medic
Allows you to restore [x]% additional health with the use of Green Herbs and First Aid Sprays. 16%
[750 XP]
[2000 XP]
[5000 XP]
Active Abilities
Increases accuracy and movement speed for [15] seconds on yourself or a teammate. (ability button) swaps to a hypo gun. (fire button) applies a Stimpack to an ally. Holding (ability button) applies a Stimpack to yourself. Restores after [30] seconds. Ammo: [x]. 1
[1000 XP]
[2500 XP]
[5000 XP]
Neutralize Infection
Neutralize Infection
Cure an infection or damage T-virus infected. (ability button) swaps to a hypo gun. (fire button) cures a teammate from infection or applies [x] damage to an infected enemy. Holding (ability button) cures yourself from infection. The ability restores after [20] seconds. light damage
[750 XP]
medium damage
[2000 XP]
heavy damage
[5000 XP]
Reduces the amount of damage dealt to yourself or a teammate by [x]%. (ability button) swaps to a hypo gun. (fire button) applies Painkiller to a teammate. Holding (ability button) applies Painkiller to yourself. Painkiller lasts for [10] seconds and restores after [30] seconds. 50%
[1250 XP]
[3000 XP]
[6000 XP]

Further notesEdit

  • While her last name is Schneider, the Inserted Evil ARG used Heinzwaffen in her profile. This was an older version of her name which was replaced by Schneider.[2] Evidently, the Inserted Evil staff failed to notice the name change before publishing.
  • Bertha herself states she is terrible with computers. This can be heard in the Gone Rogue mission when the USS Commander tells the team how to access the underground facility.



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