Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
For other people of the same name, see Miguel.

Miguel was a member of the Umbrella Security Service who was involved in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


This character may have been intended to feature in one of the scenarios that failed to make it to the game. According to some pre-release publication info, he was the only other survivor of HUNK's U.S.S. Alpha Team. However, it is unknown how his story would have played out.

Judging by the second model however, it seems his fate may not have been as good as originally thought. It also indicates that there may have been a second USS encounter with William Birkin. If this is indeed the case, it would account for what HUNK may have been doing during the 8 days he was in the sewer and would make him waking up from unconsciousness on September 30, 1998 make more sense.


Miguel was a planned unlockable character in the Resident Evil Outbreak series of games. He is made available with the use of the cheating devices such as Action Replay or GameShark and has proper stats which indicates that he would have been unlocked by meeting certain requirements in the scrapped scenario he was set to appear in.. He is a Kevin-type character and starts with 20 Handgun Bullets in his inventory.

Miguel possesses the following stats:

  • Running speed similar to that of Kevin
  • Average vitality (between 2000 and 2500)
  • An attack power slightly stronger than that of Kevin
  • infection rate of 1.19% per minute

Another model for Miguel exists in Hex slot 07 just following Miguel in hex slot 06. However, the textures on this model seem to be corrupted and result in a very messy character. Judging by the look of the model however, it seems that the armor is badly damaged, as if Miguel was stabbed with a large claw (Like the USS member in the outbreak opening).