For the weapon with the similar name and function in Resident Evil 4, see Mine Thrower (RE4).

The Mine Thrower is a weapon featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It was an experimental weapon designed by Umbrella and issued to at least one UBCS operative during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


The Mine Thrower is first found by Jill Valentine in the St. Michael Clock Tower on the body of a dead UBCS mercenary. (found only on the Hard difficulty setting).

The weapon launches small dart-shaped proximity mines which can attach to surfaces and explode after a few seconds. These darts can also be used to attach to enemies directly, somewhat akin to a miniature rocket launcher, but with a slight delay between impact and detonation.

It has a capacity of six rounds. Ammunition for this weapon is very scarce, and should be saved for fighting the "the pursuer" or large groups of zombies .

The mine thrower will damage Jill if she is too close when the dart explodes. Thus, is not recommended against fast moving enemies, lest they get in close with Jill and the exploding mine damages them both.

Resident Evil 3 Mine Thrower Mines-1

Ammunition for the Mine Thrower in Resident Evil 3.

Mine Thrower Enhanced

When the Mine Thrower is combined with the Infinite Bullets case, it gains infinite ammunition. The mine darts gain a homing ability that will automatically seek enemies and guide the darts towards their heads.

Upon impact with an enemy, the dart will explode instantly, then exit target, and seek the next nearest enemy. It will detonate on every single hit, often resulting in a single dart killing everything in range.

Further Notes

  • Take note that this weapon cannot be reloaded until it is empty. When it is emptied, it can't be reloaded by pressing the action button in-game, forcing you to go to the menu and combine the ammo with the weapon.
  • When upgraded, the homing darts track their targets very effectively, but may miss if not given enough travel time to change their trajectory.
  • This was the first weapon in the Resident Evil series to cause damage to the player if ignited too close to them.

Examine Description

"A prototype weapon made by Umbrella's armament dept. It uses special bullets equipped with a sensor."