Missions are a gameplay element present in Resident Evil: Revelations. Missions can be viewed by selected the option from the main menu. Missions are essentially things the player can do while playing to unlock extra items.

When you have completed mission a quick announcement is displayed while playing. The unlockable item won't be received until the player checks the mission menu and "unlocks" it from there by pressing A over the mission. Completed missions with have an exclamation mark over them then once unlocked they will be moved to the end of the list and darkened.

Missions that require a certain task to be done a certain amount of times all carry over each Campaign Episode and Raid Mode Stage. How far you've progressed is displayed when highlighting the mission. When a player unlocks a campaign weapon or custom part, it will automatically appear in the work bench menu.

Campaign mode and Raid mode have their own set of mission however, both contribute to the total missions the player has completed which is displayed.

Cleared missions and certain Read Mode missions can be deleted off the mission screen. This eventually must be done for the Raid Mode page as you can not receive new missions when all 25 mission slots are full.

Campaign missions

Name Description Unlocks Specifics
CASUAL Cleared Clear CASUAL difficulty or higher Custom Parts  Charge Shot 3 (For campaign use)
NORMAL Cleared Clear NORMAL difficulty or higher Shotgun Hydra (For campaign use)
HELL Cleared Clear HELL difficulty Infinite Rocket Launcher (For campaign use)
Aloof Challenger Clear CASUAL difficulty or higher without using herbs or the Infinite Rocket Launcher Custom Parts Auto Loader (For campaign use)
Chapter 1 Clear Episodes 1 - 3 Raid Mode Stages 1 to 7 unlocked Essentially unlocks Raid Mode. It will now show up on the main menu
Chapter 2 Clear Episode 4 - 6

Riad Mode Stages 8 to 12 unlocked

New outfit

Unlocks Keith Costume 1 for Raid Mode
Chapter 3 Clear Episodes 7 - 9 Raid Mode Stages 13 to 17 unlocked
Final Chapter Clear Episodes 10 - 12

Riad Mode Stages 18 to 20 and Bonus Stage

HELL difficulty unlocked

"Bonus Stage" refers to the Ghost Ship stage in Raid Mode
B.O.W. Hunter Defeat 150 enemies Handgun PC356 (For campaign use)
Angry Fist Land 10 fully charged physical attacks Cust Parts Long Magazine 2 (For campaign use)
Dodge Master Dodge 20 times Custom Parts Bind 1 (For campaign use)
Secert Sign 1 Scan 1 hidden hand print Green Herb (For campaign use)
Secret Sign 15 Scan 15 hidden hand prints Rifle PSG1 (For campaign use)
Secret Sign 30 Scan 30 hidden hand prints Handgun G18 (For campaign use) This means scan all the hand prints in Campaign

Raid Mode missions

Name Description Unlocks Specifics
Legendary Weapon Obtain a super rare weapon New outfit

Unlocks Parker Costume 3

Either unlock after finishing a mission or buy from the store one of the following;

Pale Rider




Legendary Raider Obtain all super rare weapons New outfit

Unlocks Jack Normal

Collect all the weapons noted above

Level 5 Reach player level 5 New outfit Unlocks Jill Costume 2
Level 10 Reach player level 10 New outfit Unlocks Jessica Costume 1
Level 20 Reach player level 20 New outfit Unlocks Parker Costume 2
Level 30 Reach player level 30 New outfit Unlocks Chris Costume 2
Level 40 Reach player level 40 New outfit Unlocks Jessica Costume 3
Level 50 Reach player level 50 New outfit Unlocks Quint Costume 2
CHASM Cleared
TRENCH Cleared
ABYSS Cleared