Back cover, showing the other figures.

The BIOHAZARD REAL SHOCK ACTION FIGURES were a line of action figures produced by Moby Dick. The line was split into sixteen series, though each series consisted of one product in colour versions.


Series 1

Series 2 was a two-part set titled "Jill Valentine (BIOHAZARD 3 Ver.) & DRAIN DEIMOS". Gold and Silver variants of the toy were also produced.

Series 2

Series 2 was a two-part set titled "Jill Valentine (S.T.A.R.S. Ver.) & HUNTERβ". A Gold variant was also produced.

Series 3

Series 3 is titled "Jill Valentine (Regina Ver.) & BRAIN SUCKER". In this line, Jill is dressed in her alternate "Regina" outfit used in Dino Crisis. She comes along with a Brain Sucker.

Series 4

Series 4 sold "Carlos Oliveira" and "NEMESIS (TYPE-1)" toys, which could be purchased individually or in a shared box. NEMESIS (TYPE-1) came with two left hands which could be swapped depending on whether or not the collector wanted it to hold the missile launcher. It also came with a second head

Series 5

Series 5 was titled "Claire Redfield (Leather Jacket Ver.)". Claire appears in an alternative outfit from Resident Evil 2. It comes with a magnum and submachine gun.

Series 6

Series 6 was titled "NEMESIS (Type-2)". The toy is based on the Nemesis-T Type as it appears in the latter half of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The figure's head can be swapped with a second in the box.

Series 7

Series 7 is titled "Chris Redfield (CODE: Veronica Ver.)", and is based on Chris Redfield as he appears in Resident Evil CODE: Veronica. It comes with a rocket launcher.

Series 8

Series 8, "TYRANT (BIOHAZARD 2 Ver.)", is based on the T-00 from Resident Evil 2. It came with two extra hands, depending on whether or not the collector wanted its fists to be clenched or open.

Series 9

Series 9 is titled "Claire Redfield (BIOHAZARD 2 Ver.)", and features Claire in her main costume from Resident Evil 2.

Series 10

Series 10 was titled "SUPER TYRANT", based on the T-00's Super Tyrant form seen at the end of Resident Evil 2.

Series 11

Series 11 is titled "Hunk", and consists of the HUNK character from Resident Evil 2, with a removable mask.

Series 12

Series 12 is titled "IVY".

Series 13

Series 13 is titled "Leon S. Kennedy (Leather Jacket Ver.)".

Series 14

Series 14 is titled titled "LICKER". The Licker model comes with an attachable tongue and a collectible part for Moby Dick's prized Nemesis figurine.

Series 15

Series 15 was a single-part set titled "Rebecca Chambers (BIOHAZARD 0 Ver.)". This figurine is based on Rebecca Chambers' appearance in the scrapped Nintendo 64 game.

Series 16

"TYRANT (BIOHAZARD Ver.)" is based on the Tyrant (T-002 Model) from the first Resident Evil. It is over 20 inches (51 cm) in height, and comes with parts for a Nemesis model which collectors were encouraged to complete.

Bonus series

A bonus series was produced, titled "BONUS PARTS NEMESIS (Type-3)".