Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Modern Red was a bar located in the city area of Tall Oaks.[1] It was located on Sizemore Street, adjacent to The Big Plate and the Antiques store.[Note 1] The bar was affected by the Tall Oaks outbreak and was decimated with the rest of the city on June 29, 2013.


During the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, D.S.O. agent Leon Scott Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper made their way through the city in an attempt to reach Tall Oaks Church. After experiencing the hellish situation in the city, Leon and Helena take refuge inside of Modern Red and other indoor areas nearby.[1][Note 2]


The bar is built along Sizemore Street, across from Tall Oaks Street and next to the intersection. The bar's front entrance is to the west, away from the main street. There is a neon sign with the building's name and a spotlight above the doorway. The building is one story high and has a crawlspace above the first floor.[Note 3] The inside of the bar has a main area with a pool table and pub tables. There is a wall separating this end of the bar with the other. On the opposite side of the bar is the main bar counter with a wide selection of bottles. There is also a refrigerator in this area. At the back of the bar is a door leading to a yard behind the building. The yard is linked to a house next door.




  1. The street that runs along the north side of the building is initally marked as Tall Oaks Street until it later becomes Sizemore Street. By this point, the narrow road to the North of the building has become Tall Oaks Street.
  2. At the end of Chapter 1-3 of the Leon Story, Ingrid Hannigan comments on the situation, referring to the conditions in the city as "Hell on Earth". In Chapter 1-4, Helena agrees with Hannigan's statement.
  3. There is a vent in the roof, indicating a hollow inside of the building.
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