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Moira Burton is partnered with Claire Redfield during Revelations 2. Whereas Claire acts as the primary combatant, in charge of the weapons, Moira fills in the support role. Moira's primary strength comes in the form of her flashlight, which she finds on the island with the knife Claire uses.

With the use of the flashlight, Moira is able to blind and stun creatures such as the Afflicted that are attacking them on the prison island. Furthermore, the flashlight can be used to light up areas that Claire cannot see through her own eyesight. This helps find items or reveal secrets that could otherwise go missed such as Kafka Drawings.

Moira is also able to find and utilize a crowbar as her melee weapon in place of the knife. With this, Moira can pry off some small boards that are covering doors, creating new passages for her and Claire to go through. She is also able to incapacitate enemies when hit from behind with the crowbar, as well as performing a finishing move on a downed enemy with it.[1]

After completing all of the episodes in Invisible Mode, the Katana can be unlocked for Moira to use in place of her crowbar. With this powerful samurai sword, Moira is able to take out enemies with ease. She moves forward as she swings the katana and can perform up to three attacks in quick succession.

The Struggle

In the Extra Episode: The Struggle, marking the events which Moira has overcome her fear of firearms, Moira is partnered with Evgeny Rebic. Moira is much more capable of defending herself through the use of guns as well as various types of bottles, with her flashlight and crowbar still handy.

Raid Mode

Moira is a playable character Raid Mode who can be unlocked by completing Episode 1: Penal Colony. Her Survivor costume can be unlocked by completing the campaign and clearing Gauntlet VIII on Hard.


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