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The Molotov Cocktail is a weapon featured in Resident Evil Zero.


It is created by combining Gas Tanks and Empty Bottles; both of which can be found multiple times throughout the game. The weapon is best used against the Mimicry Marcus.

After getting an A rank in Leech Hunter (which unlocks infinite ammo for all weapons), a specific Molotov Cocktail can then be found in Room 201 of the Train in the main game that can be used indefinitely. Molotov Cocktails actually created even after getting the A rank will still have limited use.


Molotovs are fairly common. While effective against most enemies, they are singularly effective against a Mimicy Marcus, often destroying the mass of leeches after three attacks. However, they can be rather problematic to aim, and there is a short wind up animation before the cocktail is thrown. The splash will cause enemies within a short range to burst into flame, meaning there is a reasonable margin for error.


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