The Monitors represented an internal investigation organization within Umbrella set up to monitor suspicious activities among its employees.[1] They also had intimate knowledge of the dangers their special missions may face; one was aware of the Nemesis-T Type, for example,[2] while supervisors were alerted to the senate's support of the Sterilization Operation as soon as the decision was made.[3]

Monitor actions in Raccoon CityEdit

During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the monitors were tasked with several missions; the most important mission was detailed in "Monitor Directive: Bravo 16".[notes 1]

One of Bravo 16's mission objectives was the collection and recovery of combat data on the various B.O.W.s and irregular mutants as they battled the UBCS.[4] As the reward for the data was high, Nikolai sought to collect as much data as he could by murdering surviving monitors and stealing their recorded information. This objective also tied-in to the need for combat data on the Nemesis-T Type and its effectiveness in combat, as shown in objective #3.

Incriminating evidence was also set to be destroyed. One of these was the medical data in the Umbrella medical facility underneath the Raccoon General Hospital, which had been researching into treatment on the t-Virus. It was targeted for destruction, specifically.[4]

Alongside Bravo 16 was a minor mission carried out in the early hours of October 1, which revolved around the silencing of traitors and other threats. Nikolai participated in the UBCS operation, EMPEROR'S MUSHROOM in order to get close to his assassination target, former Umbrella researcher Greg Mueller. Alongside this, Nikolai also intended to kill former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine for the reward money.

Known monitorsEdit


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